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Recently, people have become less interested in attending in-person events. Due to their busy schedule and because virtual events have become more popular. They provide great flexibility and convenience to them and with the development of a mobile event app has completely changed their experience. Organizers have learned that having a robust app is essential for launching successful virtual events. And with the help of technology, has allowed them to make their events far more reachable without any geographical restrictions. These apps are a cost-effective way of hosting online events that can provide many more great benefits and can act as a one-stop solution. They can work as an event registration platform, networking, or engagement platform. In this blog, we will discuss how you can launch successful virtual events with the help of a mobile event app. Why Do You Need a Mobile Event App for Virtual Events? If you are hosting an in-person event you will need a physical location and manage a lot of accommodation, catering, traveling, and more. Virtual events are hosted online, so they eliminate all the physical needs for hosting the event. And all you need is a virtual space or a virtual event platform to host successfully. This is where an app comes in, which allows the attendees to attend the event at their own convenience without having to travel to a physical location. And with the right mobile event app you will be able to give the attendees a more enhanced, engaged, and immersive experience. With many features and functionality, the right event app will help the attendees network with each other. Moreover, it will help in connecting with sponsors and exhibitors, engaging with the content, having interactive elements and features, and more. So using a mobile event app for virtual events is a great way to host interactive events and leverage many great advantages that they can provide. Top Features to Have in the Event App Before bringing your virtual event to life, you need to understand the platform features, which are necessary to include, and how they work. This can help in a better understanding of virtual event management and planning with the help of a virtual event platform. Some core features that should be included are discussed below: Registrations This is the first and most important feature of your virtual event app because before entering the attendees will need an easy and streamlined registration process. Make sure that all the data is captured and seamlessly flowed into the app. This is a great way to make the attendee’s event registration and ticketing experience unique, enhanced, and personalized. Moreover, the platform should be capable of giving customization options for ticketing and adding questions during the process. This will help you to segment the audience based on their preferences. Using these apps is also a great way to promote your brand to improve visibility and awareness. Attendee Profiles During the virtual event, attendees don’t have the option to walk up and interact with the other attendees. But this can be replicated using a mobile event app through an attendee profile, just like a social media platform profile. With this, the attendees will be able to interact with each other and get to know each other to create a lasting connection beyond the event. The attendees can set up their in-app profiles with the help of additional features such as: Depending on the type of event they can upload a headshot in a fun and creative way. Check for the quality of the profile picture for the event app. Adding fun facts. Include social media links to share information. Sponsor Visibility Keeping your sponsors visible is something that should be available in the virtual event app. Demonstrating what values them from the virtual event is crucial, and there are multiple ways in which you can showcase them and their message inside the app. Give your attendees a good view of all your event’s sponsors. Through booths or other customizations for sponsors, profile offers attendees what they have to offer. With the mobile event app, they can leverage the breakout sessions where they can interact with the attendees. You can even send push notifications to the attendees that can highlight your sponsor’s ads. Using these apps can also help them keep track of all the data and information for the event ROI metrics. Networking Your virtual event app plays a major role in giving the attendees a chance to interact with each other. Facilitating networking features and options can help them to network with each other based on their similar interests. There are multiple features of the mobile event app that can effectively help in this such as direct messaging, breakout rooms, profile sharing, etc. Conclusion Using a mobile event app can help you successfully launch your virtual events. There are multiple benefits that can be achieved using these apps such as attendee engagement, wider reach, and more. Using a suitable platform can eliminate the need for creating a physical space to attend the event. Also, these apps can work as an event ticketing platform for any kind of virtual events or can be integrated with multiple other features. The important ones that can help to host successfully are discussed in this blog..

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