On-demand Logistics App Development Cost and Factors


The logistics and supply chain industry has encountered numerous challenges over the years. Undoubtedly, technological advancements have turned as the boon for the logistic and supply chain industry. In the present era, the demand for logistic app development services is increased at high level. According to Statista, Revenue in the Supply Chain Management Software market is projected to reach US$19.25bn in 2023. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2028) of 4.67%, resulting in a market volume of US$24.19bn by 2028. Apart from this, According to strategicmarketresearch.com – Source: Strategic Market Research No, doubt logistic app development has solved different challenges of the transportation businesses such as lack of inventory management, route optimisation, data security and privacy. If you are also running your logistic business and looking for a logistic app development company, then it is important to finalize the app development cost and know about different factors on which logistic app development cost differs for Android and iOS. In this blog, let’s delve into the development of logistics app development, exploring both the associated costs and the various influencing factors in depth. What is Logistic App Development? Logistic mobile applications are key to success for businesses. It ensures to streamline several supply chain and transportation processes that turns the processes far easier and faster as ever before. Moreover, with Logistic app development services, from small, mid to large enterprises can leverage the benefits of the emerging technologies such as Cloud, Blockchain, IoT and many more that ensures to reduce the risk and helps to stay ahead in the market competition. There are different types of logistic mobile applications, and business owners can opt for the app development services as per their convenience. Different types of Logistic App Development Services – Can’t Afford to Miss out them – Fleet Management Mobile Applications Warehouse Mobile Apps Logistic On Demand App Tracking and Forwarding Mobile Applications Only choosing the right logistic mobile application is not sufficient, it is important to have a brief about the different features that businesses can’t afford to miss in the logistic app development process. Different Panels to integrate in the Logistic Mobile Application – In the logistic mobile application, there are three major panels that need to integrate in the solution – User Panel User Registration Vehicle Selection Scheduling booking Booking Management Support Payment Gateway History Accessibility Real Time Alerts Ratings and Reviews Driver/Dispatcher Panel Driver Registration Manage Requests Consignment details Profile Management Easy Navigation Shipping Details Admin Panel Dashboard Management Vehicle Management Invoice Management and Payments Monitoring of Drivers Additional Features of Logistic App Development Services In – App Chat Chat Support Multilingual Support Document Updation Logistic App Development Cost – All you Need to Know About There is no fixed cost for logistic mobile app development. It varies on different factors as per the business requirements. There are different factors and it is important for the business owners to consider all of them. Different factors on Logistic Mobile App Development Cost Depends Native and Cross Platform The foremost factor that logistic mobile app development cost depends on is the choice of app development platform. It is on business owners which platform they prefer to opt for native or cross platform. Native is the applications that are specifically built for the particular platform such as Android and iOS. In this mobile app developers write code separately for different platforms that leads to time consuming but deliver high quality apps without any compromising in the feature On the other hand, for cross platform mobile application programmers have to write one code that can run on multiple platforms. It helps to save time as well as deliver best results. So, here logistic application owners have to decide on which platform they prefer to build logistic apps native or cross platform that ensures to save time and development cost. Functionalities Integration of functionalities in the is the next major factor on which logistic app development cost depends. Undoubtedly, with the technological advancements, several features can integrate in the logistic app development services. But it is important to figure out which aligns with your business goals and help to resolve the major challenges. For app development owners, it is essential to identify the app development features that are required. This is the major factor on which logistic mobile app development cost depends on. Team Development Size The next major feature on which logistic app development cost depends is on the team size. And the best option can be considered is to outsource on-demand logistic app development services to the app development company at a fixed price. Outsourcing the project will help to partner with top logistic industry experts and deliver assurance for quality logistic mobility solutions. Development team size or project model affects a lot for the logistic app development cost. Technology Stack Technology stack also differs alot for the logistic mobile app development. There are multiple programming languages introduced in the development industry. For Android the latest is Kotlin and iOS is Swift. Both of the programming languages are trending platforms that help to build successful solutions. Similarly, there are different tools and frameworks that are updated with the latest technologies. It is important for the app development team to keep themselves updated with the latest tools and frameworks on a constant basis. Latest versions of the frameworks are updated and help app coders to solve the complex development challenges and save huge time. App Security Security is the next major concern of digital businesses. In the same way, logistics owners have to secure their data from the hackers and keep the backup of it. This is an important step but integrating robust and advanced methods can again reflect the logistic app development cost. Conclusion Logistic app development is in high demand and it is also one of the ways to stay ahead in the competitive era. In order to launch the successful logistic mobile application for several platforms,it is important to plan and execute the app development process in an appropriate manner that delivers the best user experience and avoids last minute hassles. But before opting for a logistic mobile app development process, it is important to consider the app development cost and different factors that it is dependent on. It will help to plan in advance and launch the app that align with your business objectives.

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