Pheezee – A Biofeedback Device By Startoon Labs Classified Content


Founded in Hyderabad, India, Startoon Labs focuses on the research and development, and manufacturing of medical devices. An alumnus of IIT and IIM founded this company with a vision to create world-class healthcare products and solutions. Incubated by WE Hub, the government, Startoon Labs is one of the top startups in Telangana and is Supported by DBT, Meity, Govt. of India. As the maker of the award-winning Pheezee product, Startoon Labs has won recognition both nationally and internationally. A key feature of its innovative product, PHEEZEE, is that it monitors and tracks the progression of recovery for patients undergoing physical therapy, post-neurological rehabilitation, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Website –

Mary Degroat

Mary Degroat

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