Is PMP a better choice than PRINCE2?

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PMP and PRINCE2 are both the globally recognized certification. They both are valuable and can help in advancing in your career.

Is PMP better than PRINCE2? Which certification will add more value? It is indeed quite confusing to choose between PMP and PRINCE2. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the difference between both the certifications to decide which one is more beneficial for your career path. Before we find the differences, let’s look at them independently.
Project Management Professional (PMP): PMP is a globally recognized certification in the Project Management Purview. PMP is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), US. Most organizations readily employ project managers who are PMP certified. The Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) is the guideline for PMP certified professionals. The Project Management certification provides knowledge about various PMP methodologies, techniques, and tools that are essential to lead a project team. 

The Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2): The Prince2 follows the process-based methodology in managing projects. It follows a systematic and standardized approach. Though PRINCE2 is extensively used by the government of the United Kingdom, it is globally recognized and used by the private sectors. AXELOS owns the PRINCE2 certification. Along with Project Management techniques and framework, PRINCE2 certification will also provide knowledge on topics such as IT service management and portfolio and risk management. The PRINCE2 certification will make you capable of handling and executing complex projects with ease. Since it follows a model approach, each team member of the project is quite aware of their responsibilities.
Let’s compare them and understand their differences:
Location wise importance: Both PMP and PRINCE2 are internationally accepted certification. Both have great value and reputation around the globe. However, certain countries prefer one over the other. PMP has its headquarters in the United States; hence, it is no wonder that PMP has priority over PRINCE2 in the United States and other neighboring American countries. PRINCE2 has its origin from the UK; hence, it is widely accepted in the UK, Australia, Netherlands and most of the European countries including Germany, Poland, and Denmark. Africa, Middle East, and Asia give equivalent value to both the certification. Hence, it is safe to say that both certifications have equal importance in different regions. 
Rise in Salary: If the salary of a PMP and PRINCE2 certified professional is compared, PMP tops the chart. A PMP certified professional in the US earns more than their PRINCE2 certified counterparts in the UK. The average salary of a PMP certified professional in the US is roughly around $110,000. Whereas, the average salary of PRINCE2 certified professionals in the UK is around $85,000. Some surveys have predicted that there would be a further increase in the salaries of PMP certified professionals.
PRINCE2 and PMBOK Guide: The knowledge that PRINCE2 and PMBOK guide provides are different from each other. PRINCE2 guide deals with ‘W’ questions such as what, whom, when, etc. PMBOK guide follows ‘How’ based questions. It is difficult to choose which one is better. Both have their advantages and provides a comprehensive framework, technique, and tools to handle a project from the start to the closure.
Stages of PMP and PRINCE2: PMP follows a standard 5-step process or lifecycle of a project; namely, Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor & Control, and Closing process. PMP Project managers follow this standard process for every project they handle. On the other hand, PRINCE2 follows the 7-step process; they are Business Case, Organization, Quality, Plans, Risk, Change, and Progress. PRINCE2 certified professionals follow each of these steps while handling their projects.
Now that we know both are neck to neck, let’s dig a little deeper and look at their advantages:
Benefits of PMP & PRINCE2 Certification:
Better Salary – PMP and PRINCE2 certified professionals earn a significant amount of salary, and their increase in remuneration is frequent. However, a PRINCE2 professional could earn a bit lesser than a PMP certified professional in the US.
Employment Opportunities – PMP and PRINCE2 certifications are globally recognized certification. It’s quite easy for both certified professionals to get employed. 
PMI Member - A PMP certified professional has easy access to the global Project Management forum. Their access to a global network of PMP certified professionals proves quite beneficial especially in terms of knowledge sharing or if one of them is looking for a project management job.
Standardized and systematic approach – PRINCE2 follows a standard approach when running a project. The approach followed for documentation, filing system, and proc"

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