How can you improve student participation in school activities?

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A student’s participation in school and classroom activities not only nurtures them but keeps them happy and active the whole day.

As Euripides said, “Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process.” The participation of students in classroom activities increases their interest in a topic or a course. It also provides an opportunity for the teacher to assess the student's understanding of the course. Active learning not only provides better results for the students but makes teaching interesting and fun at the same time.

Mentioned below are a few methods that can help you foster an active environment that encourages students to participate in various classroom activities.

Plan in Advance – A course can be taught in different ways, and the most effective of them is via a discussion, cooperative learning or a lecture. When planning to teach a course, the teacher needs to determine the method he/she intends to use for teaching, and how student participation can be easily integrated into it. Every class need not be the same, but knowing the teaching method you are planning to implement will be of great help for sure. Encouraging high school students to participate in activities will prove to be beneficial when they have to take part in international science fairs or inter-school competitions.

Know the Names – Knowing the names of each of the students is very important. You, as a teacher would be surprised to know how knowing the student's names can impact their participation. By calling out the students with their names, you make them feel connected to you and their peers and do not feel anonymous. This boosts their confidence and encourages them to participate in activities.

Set the Rules – If you wish to plan some classroom activities, you need to set some rules as well. It is thus important for the students to know what is being expected from them during participation. You can start by explaining your teaching plan for the course, and how they can respond or ask questions during the lecture.

You can let them know if you are fine with them asking questions during the class or only during a certain time. Would you give them time for group work, and will students be graded for their classroom participation? These are a few common things you can explain to the students clearly. You also need to set rules about student’s interaction with one another. You can set up a few easy to follow guidelines like showing respect, not bullying, not interrupting, etc.

Divide and Rule – You can even divide the class into different groups now and then, and ask them to solve a problem together. By doing so, students get to know each other and can participate easily when the classroom setting is large. You can let the students interact with each other and can ask the groups to report their answers orally in front of the whole class.

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