How do you get periodontal diseases?

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Periodontal is a disease that happens because of unhealthy oral routine and also because of some other reasons such as hormonal change.

Periodontal is a critical form of gum infection that harms the soft tissues and damages the bone that provides support to your teeth. Periodontal or periodontitis or gingivitis can lead teeth to loosen or teeth loss. 


It is commonly but on a large scale prevented. Periodontal is an outcome of poor oral hygiene. It is recommended by the doctors that you should have at least brush your teeth at least twice a day after eating food, flossing teeth and getting a regular check of your teeth. These are methods through which you can keep your mouth’s health fit and fine. It also reduces the chances of getting disease known as periodontal. 


 Gum disease or periodontal is a pathological inflammatory condition of the bone support and gum around the teeth. Many adults suffer such kind of disease these days due to unhealthy mouth care routine. As per the research and national health survey, around eighteen per cent of sixteen to twenty-four years old, eight per cent of thirty-five years old and seven per cent of sixty and above aged people have healthy gums, rest are suffering from some kinds of gum problems.


There are two most common types of periodontal diseases such as: 

1 Periodontitis: It is a disease inflammation that affects the tissues and gums of the teeth. 

2. Gingivitis: It is a disease of inflammation of the gum at the end downwards ends of the teeth. 



It happens when the periodontal disease affects the supporting tissue and bone, this disease is termed as the periodontitis and is typified by the developments of the spaces and pockets between the gums and tooth.


This might be progressed and make chronic periodontal destruction that leads to loss of teeth and loosening. The main outcomes of this disease are that patient might face episodes of quick periodontal diseases bustle in a quite short time that follows periods of decrease. 


As per the survey, a huge number of adults are suffering from this disease; it doesn’t mostly develop into periodontal diseases. A succession of gum disease is predisposed by several factors that also includes unhealthy oral routine and sometimes genetic tendency. Early detection of periodontal disease has a challenge which is its silent nature. This disease cannot cause any kind of pain and develops unnoticed. In its initial stages, gums with blood while brushing your teeth might be the only symptoms. The disease proceeds and the gums worsen, the bleeding in the gums might get stopped and the final stage appears when finally your starts losing your teeth. In many cases, periodontal disease reacts to the treatment and even though the devastation is mostly irreparable its sequence can be stopped. 


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