Key Benefits of having a Canada Permanent Resident Status

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Canada is one of the most beautiful countries to take shelter in. More than its rich density of land, the country has a huge scope of opportunities. People from all over the world, migrate to Canada.
You might wonder what are the perks of residing in Canada, why do people wish to settle there and leave their native country? Well, truth be told, Canada has an amazing infrastructure, modernized equipment, a good social system, and the list goes on and on. Apart from that, several social benefits come with Canada PR status. To understand what the PR status entitles you with, we’ve collated a rich set of points you should glance upon!

Key Social Benefits for Indians after obtaining Canada’s Permanent Resident Visa

Free Education for Kids

The permanent residency status holders or Canada residents enjoy numerous rights. One such is for a person who is settling with their children can avail of free education until graduation! So, you can save the School’s fees and save a huge chunk of money!

Medical Facilities

Canada is best known for its modern healthcare system. Having a PR entitles the person to avail free of cost health facilities. This is one of the important benefits of Canada PR. Moreover, the family of the applicant can gain benefits from it.

Free Allowance to Children born in Canada

If a couple is migrated to a country with PR status and gives birth to a child in Canada then they are entitled to receive a sum of CAN $800 every month. The Government of Canada ensures to provide for the children residing in the Canadian territories. More than you being benefitted, your offspring can reap enormous benefits in the future.

Security Benefits for Unemployed People

If god forbid, one loses his/her job, Canada’s government ensures to help you get the mark. There are special designed courses for the applicant. This can help them in redoing their files after gaining insightful counseling sessions.

Full Retirement, Pension plans for Senior Citizens

Canada gives undisputed attention to senior citizens and makes dedicated efforts to uplift their financial status. They offer retirement benefits to adults. This ensures to give peace of mind when you are running down your age. When you are financially stable, then you can take care of the personal needs without much of hassles and promotes self-reliance amongst people.

Special Programs for Senior Citizens

Other than the retirement and pension plans, the Canada government ensures to assist senior citizens. There are several old age security programs that ensure guaranteed income supplement and Canada pension plans. However, in order to eligible under these schemes, one must comply with the residency requirements and contribute to Canada's economy by paying taxes regularly.

Gaining Citizenship 

One of the key reasons Canada attracts international Immigration lies in the highly civilized rights system. An immigrant with PR status can switch his PR status to full citizenship in just 3 years! He has to substantiate the documents useful in increasing the chances of getting citizenship in a hassle-free manner. 

Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)

For low-income families, one of the key social benefits they can reap from Canada PR is getting tax-free payments. The Canada governments help to provide tax-free payments to help cover the expenses.

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