How WordPress Works Step by Step

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WordPress is one of the most used content management systems across the World Wide Web, thanks to the features it provides.

WordPress is open-source software. In simple terms, anyone can study the code and create their own plugins, applications, or themes for it. It is important to learn how WordPress works and how things work in the back-end. This helps you to make changes to the code, improving the overall performance of your website.

The below guide will help you understand the whole process of WordPress – step by step. So, let's get started!

Loading the wp-config.php file

The wp-config.php is the configuration file of WordPress. This is the file that stores the database information, and also sets variables for your website. This is the very first file that gets loaded when someone enters your URL. 

Setup of default constants

Once the wp-config.php file gets loaded, WordPress moves on to set various default constants like maximum file sizes, upload location, etc.

Load db.php in wp-content file

WordPress is an excellent open-source system that allows the users to set up their database abstraction layers of their own. These can be loaded to a db.php file, which is placed in the wp-content folder. This file is useful for caching plugins and also helps to improve database performance. If your site has this particular file, WordPress loads it as well.

Connecting Select Database and MySQL

Now that WordPress has needed information to proceed, it connects select database with the MySQL server. If the CMS is unable to connect the server with the database, you might see the error message, "Error establishing database connection." In such a case, WordPress stops right there, and if all works fine, it proceeds further.

Loading object-cache.php

Once the database is connected to MySQL, WordPress looks for the object-cache.php file. If the file is not available, it loads the cache.php file in wp-includes.

Loading l10n.php library

Next, WordPress loads the l10n.php library located in the wp-includes folder. The file which loads on the localization system of WordPress helps load translations and locales etc.

Loading the active plugins

WordPress loads all the active plugins next. There is an active plugins entry located in the options table of the database, which allows WordPress to ignore those plugins that are already installed but are still not activated.

Loading the pluggable.php file

The pluggable.php file of WordPress contains all those functions that can be or are redefined by the plugins activated. WordPress checks if the functions of these files are defined by any other plug-in, otherwise the functions of pluggable.php are defined.

$wp_query, $wp_rewrite, $wp


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