Is Cloud Computing be the Future of Mobile App Development ?

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Mobile cloud computing is a technique or model in which mobile applications are built, powered and hosted using cloud computing technology.

Cloud Computing isn’t just a smart decision for every business organization – it’s a vital one. Almost everybody perceives that cloud computing is a relentless trend in the IT business. However, that general understanding darkens a significant truth: IT business organizations vary where they are on their voyage to cloud computing. While some are well best-in-class in their cloud adoption, others are right off the bat in their exploration and taking a shot at recognizing the advantages they can carry out with Cloud Computing Trends.
 merges the fast-developing Cloud Computing Applications trends with the omnipresent smartphone. One of the most weighty mixes of advanced innovations, Mobile cloud computing has demonstrated itself to be profoundly valuable to all smartphone users and cloud-based organizations also.
In this platform, smart mobile apps are rapidly developing, which are controlled by and facilitated utilizing cloud computing technology. The ‘mobile cloud’ approach empowers the application engineers to design applications planned particularly for smartphone users, which can be used without being bound to the operating systems of the gadget or its ability to store information. Here, the undertakings of information preparation and information stockpiling are performed outside the smartphones.

What is Mobile Cloud Computing?

Mobile cloud computing is a technique or model in which mobile applications are built, powered and hosted using cloud computing technology. Mobile cloud computing centered are generally accessed via a mobile browser from a remote web server, typically without the need for installing a client application on the recipient phone. It provides a mobile user a feature-rich application delivered over the Internet and powered by cloud-backed infrastructure.
The main purpose of MCC is to enable the execution of rich mobile applications on a plethora of mobile devices, with rich user experience. Mobile Computing can be defined as “a rich mobile computing technology that leverages unified elastic resources of varied clouds and network technologies toward unrestricted functionality, storage, and mobility to serve a multitude of mobile devices anywhere, anytime through the channel of Ethernet or Internet regardless of heterogeneous environments and platforms based on the pay-as-you-use principle.” Mobile Cloud Computing affirms the effect of specific trends and factors. Here are the trends that have had a dumbfounded effect as far as mobile app development is concerned:

Improved Broadband Coverage:

Better availability is being rendered to our cell phones through 4G, femtocells, wireless, WiFi and so on.

More Storage Capacity:

Cloud-based mobile applications have demonstrated themselves to be more skilled than any smart mobile phone, particularly as far as the storage room that is advertised. Cloud applications’ server-based computing framework that is open through the smartphone interface of an application, is a contrast to the constrained information storage room and handling power in a cell phone.

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