Top 10 hottest wordpress web design trends you can't ignore

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If Magento is a king in the eCommerce niche, WordPress is all-rounder, including CMS niche. One-third of the web has WordPress somewhere in its source code. It means the overall impacts of WordPress trends are broadened in a sense and indicates that for a WordPress Development Company, it is worth to know the latest WordPress web design trends to be successful in 2019.

The tendency toward Minimalistic UI Design

In minimalistic design approaches one screen or UI mostly focusing on one goal or two maximum. Fancy graphics, unnecessary decorative UI elements, and useless attention-grabbing animations are distracting things in the minimalistic web design.

Moreover, tiny screens of mobile devices directly imposing strict restrictions on anything extra in the UI design. Therefore, WordPress web developers take the safe route of minimalistic design and improve UX along with performance.
Single Page Site or Landing Page Concept in WordPress Web Design

When web designers learned that mobile-first approaches favor infinite scrolling greatly, they have invented single page web design concept by applying the latest dynamic web design technologies like PHP and AJAX proves a great combination for the WordPress developers.

One-page website themes, including parallax themes in the WordPress ecosystem, still are ruling and rocking. Landing page style offers 100% focus on achieving very limited goals or even a single goal with minimalistic design approaches. AJAX helps WordPress website developers & designers to update several blocks in a content layout simultaneously. PHP in WordPress manages server-side interaction seamlessly.

Asymmetry in WordPress UI Design

Grid layout gives symmetry in design, but when you break the grid and bring abstract or asymmetry in design. Irregular grid patterns, sliding or overlapping images, texts, and other UI elements are triggering interests in the mind of onlookers.

Here, designs are edgy, not messy, and designers must know a thin line between those two things. Otherwise, the design will end up in a cluttered and sloppy appearance. Now, WordPress theme developers also are adopting the same in the release of the latest themes.

Simple & Intuitive Navigation Design in WordPress Websites

Days have gone when a user has to go through a mega menu with several clicks/taps. Mobile-friendly navigation designs have cut it all into some very simplified navigation scheme ideas. Off-canvas navigation menus, accordion, a contextual menu is encompassing only a category of similar pages at once to display in the main menu and changing with the changing contexts.

However, WordPress designers now try to avoid giving more pages and keep only the pages, which are adding some values in the business. It means nobody is interested in who was the founder of the business, but rather look at their interests only.

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