Web Development with Python

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best tools for Web Development with Python 1)Django Framework

Python is a multi-paradigm language which has the capacity for structural programming, functional programming, and object orientation. It was first designed in 1991. The need to develop Python language arised when there was a need for programmers to write short codes and still serve the purpose of full programming. It is effortless to learn for the beginners and also quite popular in present times. Python is a language that has multiple implementations.

Along with working in the native language, it can also interact with other languages through modules. There are several different frameworks in python. The professional back-end developers rely on two main frameworks for the programming–Django and flask. Keep on reading to get more details about both of these web development frameworks.

When you want to apply a certain framework whether it be a full stack framework or non-full stack framework, you must analyze the size and complexity of the project that you are going to work on. This is especially true when you are going to work on a large system which would include a lot of features and have many requirements. This is when a full stack framework comes into play. There are several frameworks out there, and it is your choice as to which framework you want to apply to your project. Here, we will suggest you the details of Django and the micro framework flask along with their benefits which would help you to choose the framework which suits your requirements.

 Django is a full stack framework which supports developers by providing the template layout, form generators, and form validations. Few other examples of full stack frameworks are web2py, TurboGears and Cubic Web. Flask is a micro framework also known as non-full stack framework. It does not help in providing extra features and functionalities for the user. The developer has to put effort to add the codes and other things by himself. A few examples of the non-full stack frameworks are Bottle, Cherrpy, Sanic and Tornado.

Web Development with Python 2""

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