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Islamic shop provides Azan Wall Clock online with prayer reminders and adjustable volume. Buzan wall clocks with the best price and free shipping on islamic shop.

Azan Clock Online

In India, the growth of e-commerce and online shopping websites has been on trend over the past decade. Taking a chance at the rise in online shopping trend Islamic Shop stands as a marketplace that sells exclusive Islamic products like . The Azan Wall Clocks come with remote control and features like volume control, Hijri and Gregorian calendars in different designs and colours, made of different materials.


Islamic Shop and its making:

The e-commerce service was started by Mohamed Maaz in 2015 with an aim to extend the meaning of Halal beyond Islamic culture. An Islamic marketplace for all Islamic and Halal products, serving all around the world. With free and paid shipping and no hidden charges like tax and Octroi charges. By processing international orders within 4 days, completing the delivery through well-reputed International Courier partners along with hassle-free returns is how Mohamed, the founder of Islamic Shop keeps the quality and trust of Islamic Shop on a roll.



Headquartered in Chennai, Islamic Shop is dedicated to bringing products like books, stationery, electronics, home décor, perfume, jewellery, halal, Azan Clocks, custom-made goods, luxury items and nearly all the products people would need. Islamic Shop acts as a good old collection of all Islamic Shop products, bringing together all Islamic products, vendors and people of all walks of life who want to indulge in a shopping experience of a lifetime.

Why Islamic Shop?

Islamic Shop caters to the needs of a majorly Islamic population and all the Islamic enthusiasts. The products found on Islamic Shop abide by the Islamic religion and sell modest clothing for men and women. Islamic Shop features a wide array of products starting from headscarves to food products to travel packages to Azan Clocks.


The website application:

The website is well-designed with aesthetically pleasing elements. Islamic Shop aims to introduce new and interesting Islamic themed products. Designed with a clean appearance, Islamic Shop features a truly varied range of products on their shopping website. The neatly arranged images of products, especially appeal to the guests and the website offers a stress-free shopping experience.


Smartphone application:

Islamic Shop has its online shopping base so wide that you can shop on the Islamic Shop app which is available both on Google’s App Store and Apple’s App Store. With an efficiently organized menu, quick links and live chat, which are available on both the website and app versions, Islamic Shop has a well-defined and highly refined user experience by offering necessary updates with bug fixes and improvements in regular intervals. With secure payment options, the app and website version are secure avenues to manage your orders and accounts.

Find the best Azan Clocks in one of the best online shopping websites in India. Visit

 today to grab the best deals online.


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