How To Raise Responsible & Happy Kids Without Scolding Or Punishing

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According to many studies related to child discipline it has already been proved that spanking or hitting your kid, would not help them in improving their behaviour, in fact it will worsen up the things especially in the longer run. At times parents do yell at their kids at one or the other time, which may back fire them in future.

Researches do prove that yelling at your kid is one of the top discipline strategies which could actually make your kid’s behaviour worse, leading them to a vicious downward spiral! Yelling at your kid leads to bad behaviour which leads to more of yelling. There are many methods to raise them without scolding or punishing and one of the most prominent one to use record message app which will gradually help your kids to listen to your recording even if you are not present with them.

Yelling has for sure lost its effectiveness over the years; a kid who is being yelled at every moment will for sure begin to tune you out! Apart from this, the other problem that parents may put their kids into is that yelling won’t teach them to manage problems or their emotions. For an instance, if you are yelling at your kid for hitting his sister, then he won’t be able to learn how to deal with that particular problem peacefully!
 Let’s learn how to make our kids learn their responsibilities without scolding or punishing!

Establishing Rules

The chances of you to yell at your kid will be minimized only if you will be successful in setting out the rules for the house clearly. Always make it a point to jot down the rules of your house on a piece of paper so that they can be prominently displayed and highlighted!
And just in case if your kids are naughty enough to break the rules, follow with an immediate consequences. Always resists whenever you fell like yelling, nagging or giving hue lectures as none of these will be teaching you kid to be better next time!

Providing optimistic reinforcement

Always motivate your kids to follow the rules as it will not only help you to control your urge to shout but also your child to be disciplined! Praise your kid whenever they follow the rule as it will help them to be on the same path.
Try to give most of your attention to your kids so as to reduce their attention seeking behaviour.

Offering warning before you yell

Always try to find an alternative to not shout at your kid whenever they don’t listen to you instead give them warnings! Use some rigorous warnings to tell them about the consequences just in case if they are in no mood to listen!
Shouting can also leads to power struggle, both goes hand in hand if you will be shouting more at your kid, you can end up making your kid more defiant!

Connect before you correct
Try to be connected with them every time, even if they are not listening to you still be patient and stay connected to them because  you kids tends to disobey you only when they feel not so good about themselves.

Avoiding poking your kid at every moment instead, you can use other alternatives to warn and correct them. You can even use Record Message App to record all of your parenting tips just in case if you forget for your future! Make your kid a better human for this world of humanity!

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