Transformer Oil Maintenance

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Transformer must have excellent cooling efficiency, longer life, better insulation properties, reduced corrosive sulphur and aromatic contents, withstand extreme climatic conditions.

The simplest method to clarify the thinking for appropriate transformer oil support is to contrast a transformer with a vehicle. A vehicle requires oil for oil while a transformer requires oil for protection and cooling. Similarly, as a vehicle requires normal checks of both oil quality and oil level, a transformer requires the equivalent proactive treatment. Oil in each occurrence debases after some time bringing about the potential for disappointment or exorbitant fix bills. Normal support and updating of the oil will add a very long time to the life of both your vehicle and your transformer.

Transformer oil is a separator between the metal pieces of the transformer and the wiring inside the tank. After some time, the oil can be tainted with dampness or make ignitable gases. By inspecting and testing that oil, we can design fixing or supplanting the transformer before a disappointment happens.

Transformer oil is a mineral-based oil. It is usually utilized in transformers as a result of its substance properties and dielectric quality. Insignificant breakdown of the oil happens under typical working conditions. The protection and cooling properties of the transformer are affected by the nature of the oil. The nature of the oil is diminished by oxidization and tainting.

Mineral protecting oil is an important asset that can be reused commonly and came back to its unique condition. The advantages of a standard upkeep program for your transformer incorporate both affordable and ecological components. A disappointment of a transformer can bring about the noteworthy ecological tidy up cost.

Oil Analysis is important as it is performed for analyzing health, oil contamination and machine wear and tear. When something wrong shows up, it means your machinery needs immediate help. Oil analysis helps you understand the condition of the oil, and there are a lot of lubricant companies in Dubai who help you with the three stages of oil analysis – fluid properties, contamination and wear debris.


The first stage allows the analysis to identify the oil’s current physical and chemical state and helps decipher its useful life time. It helps to know if the right additives are added, if the oil used is perfect or not, or if the sample matches the specified oil requirement in heavy machinery.



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