Double Your eStore Sales This Year with Bigcommerce 2020 New Updates

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Empowering your bigcommerce store with bigCommerce 2020 New Updates,9ecommerce certified bigcommerce partner company in India that helps you build your eStore according to your unique requirements.
With already 60,000 businesses across 120 countries running on the BigCommerce store platform, and numbers still adding, this SaaS-based eCommerce platform brings in regular updates to help boost sales and making shopping hassle-free and seamless. The robust technology has something more fruitful and empowering for eStores to gain from BigCommerce 2020 New Updates.

The last year 2019 being big for the BigCommerce Store Development as the larger brands seem to show interest by turning towards it. With the huge success rate in the past year, the BigCommerce Shopping Cart Development has more to focus in 2020.

Let us know about the new updates this BigCommerce brings in

Checkout SDK Embedded with Checkout Customization for High Performance

The new updated Checkout SDK with a custom checkout feature provides a complete digital transformation, bringing in a whole new set of services online. The latest development allows BigCommerce agency to customize a SaaS solution for specific business needs. Yellow Pages is the best example as it has robustly integrated the Bigcommerce store design. And, for developing an eCommerce store can be easier by hiring a Bigcommerce development company that offers checkout customization according to your unique business requirements.

BIgCommerce Entering the World of WordPress

WordPress has a lot to offer to bloggers, freelancers, small businesses. And with BigCommerce expanding its roots in WordPress, it makes eStore windows highly engaging and user-friendly.

The recent upgradation helps BigCommerce plugin to easily integrate into WordPress and helps the business owners to manage their sales with much ease. Leveraging the best of two platforms, helps your eStore to maximize the sale and earn you huge profits by easily managing your content through WordPress on one hand and on the other hand managing the e-Commerce store.

No More Heads with Headless BigCommerce Needs

Headless is a new update that takes away a lot of hurdles making commerce to meet every service. The commerce functionality that every service sector needs is seamlessly integrated. With a headless API driven approach, it brings in surprising services for varied business stores. The BigCommerce Development provides a seamless experience through API, application, device or custom front-end.

“At BigCommerce, we are taking a headless API driven approach. This will enable any merchant, any organization to take our underlying eCommerce functionality. They can expose it in any environment that they want – in a car, on a fridge in your home. It might be on a mobile phone, on an app, wherever – that how we define headless.” says BigCommerce partner company.

This headless eCommerce approach empowers merchants to integrate the traditional as well as the latest technologies –Amplience, Acquia, WordPress more seamlessly, without the requirement for high development costs that normally incur with other stores. Thus, it not only lowers the cost of building eStore but also eliminates the multiple heads that hinder the smooth process.

Managing Your Multiple Stores Made Easier

With the latest updates, it has become quite easier to manage multiple stores with a single screen. The BigCommerce plugin helps to easily manage multiple WordPress sites at one go.

Moreover, this update is the best part of BigCommerce Plugin as store owners can manage multiple sites targeting specific products from one specific place only rather than switching varied screens. And it can be further customized hiring BigCommerce agency India.

Multi-currency, multi-language handling, and other added features can help the estore owners not only to expand their product catalog but also to help in expanding customers cross borders along applying taxation charges and easy shipments.

Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Update

Google data clearly states that mobile usage has a most preference when it comes to shopping and the trend will soon take up the growth trajectory. Mobile-first indexing preferred by Google has triggered the requirement to focus on mobile-oriented experience for digital shoppers.

Read more about boosting your eStore sales:

Bigcommerce updates double your eCommerce sales in 2020, Hire Bigcommerce development company that helps you modify your shopping cart and integrated the latest technologies in Bigcommerce store design to satisfy your business needs.

These Updates help you boost your sales for your Bigcommerce store If you need more information contact us today or email us:

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Empowering your bigcommerce store with bigCommerce 2020 New Updates,9ecommerce certified bigcommerce partner company in India that helps you build your eStore according to your unique requirements to manage your multiple sites into one store.

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