Getting a Spouse Settlement Visa: What you need to Know?

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It is time to apply for the Spouse Visa UK. This means that the non-EEA spouse or same.
Spouse Settlement Visa UK is a perfect option for you to join your spouse if he/she is living in the UK and holds a settled status. However, just like any other entry clearance application, the eligibility of an applicant is of great importance. If you don’t fulfill the criteria laid down by the UKVI, it is not easy to avail this particular visa.

Important Aspects to keep in Mind

While making an application for spouse settlement visa, you must follow certain rules that UK immigration department has provided. Apart, there are certain other factors that you should pay attention to when trying to get Spouse Settlement Visa UK. If you have made up your mind to live with your spouse in the UK, the best possible things to consider and get the desired outcome are mentioned below.

1-      Be Informed

Apart from the requirements, you need to have clear information regarding the overall procedure regarding preparation and submission of such an application. It is surely the basic reasons, which lead most of the applicants towards the refusal.

2-      Taking Legal Assistance

Taking assistance from an immigration solicitor is not a bad idea. Mostly, people don’t understand that there are numerous elements involving the UK immigration, that are not known to the applicants. This makes things difficult for such applicants to file a perfect visa application that is bound to persuade the visa officer. So the better option you have is to contact an immigration lawyer for legal advice and further assistance.

3-      Don’t Listen to the Advice of Other People

Usually, when filing a spouse settlement visa UK the expectations are high. However, getting married to a UK citizen or a settled person doesn’t give a right to avail this visa. Hence, you need to be practical when being optimistic. Therefore, don’t turn your ears when someone who is not a service provider or experienced immigration solicitor, tries to convince you to follow his instructions. This would not benefit you at all, rather you would find yourself in a big trouble.

4-      Give information that is Correct

The UKVI takes great care when analyzing the information provided by the applicants; especially, when seeking a settlement in the UK. They scrutinize the data provided by you through your application. This means that you can’t mislead the visa officer when undergoing an interview. A visa officer is an experienced person, who can easily judge your expressions when you are trying to hide anything or give false statements. Therefore, act wisely and provide only the correct information in your Spouse Settlement Visa UK application, which you can prove at the later stage of your visa processing.

Bottom Line

By paying attention to these easy to follow tips, you can enhance the chances of your visa approval. When preparing the visa application, keep in touch with your immigration solicitor and ask for necessary guidance. Keep things simple and easy that you can prove when there is a question regarding the information provided by you. The UKVI may take at least six months to process your application, and during this period, try to stay calm and hope for the best.

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However, if by any reason you are unable to meet the Spouse Visa UK requirements for any of the above-mentioned route.

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