Dine at the Finest Veg Restaurants in Katra

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Katra is an important Hindu pilgrim town in Jammu & Kashmir, which has devotees flocking the town all year round.
The town draws devotees from all over the world and is home to several important temples.

Katra is located in Reasi district and can be reached by road. The closest airport to the town is the Jammu Airport and the closest railway station is in Udhampur which are both located within 30-50 kilometers of Katra.

While devotees visit Katra all throughout the year, the best time to visit the town is between March and October. Visiting in these months is ideal as the climate during this period is very favorable and neither freezing nor too hot. However, temples in Katra see a surge in devotees during the days of Navratri festival. A lot of devotees abstain from meat, eggs, and seafood during this time and eat only vegetarian food. There is a good share of veg restaurants in Katra to cater to the vegetarian visitors.

Are you planning to visit Katra for a fulfilling religious experience, but worried that you may not find good vegetarian restaurants? Here is a guide to help you choose the best veg restaurants in Katra.  So whether you are a visitor or a resident in Katra, keep these tips in mind when looking for a pure veg restaurant in Katra


Choose a restaurant that is easily accessible. Restaurants located in small lanes or in badly connected areas do not just make you waste your time in getting there but also may have parking space problems. If you can find a restaurant at a walking distance, nothing like it. This way you can also enjoy a relaxing stroll in the beautiful Katra weather.

Ambience and Service

If your purpose of visiting a restaurant is not just for the food, but also for a relaxing experience, look for one with beautiful and comfortable interiors. However, if all you want to do is to get rid of the hunger pangs, then look for a hotel that has interiors and services meant for quick dining trips. Devotees travelling with young children should look for hotel whose interiors and ambience are kid friendly.

Online Reviews

If you are visiting a restaurant for the first time, try to read up a couple of reviews online. This can help diners from avoiding the wrong restaurant and saving them time and money. A lot of online review websites let you check out the menu on their platforms so that you can be sure that the restaurant you are visiting serves the cuisine you intend to try. Not just that, you can also get an idea of the cost of eating at most restaurants in Katra online.
So what are you waiting for, get out of your hotel rooms and look for the best veg hotel in Katra and treat your taste buds. Keep the above tips in mind to ensure you do not end up at the wrong place.

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