Amith garment services have the top grade Fabric Inspection Machine in India. It is suitable for all types of fabric to test the quality of the material. The main aspiration is to ensure excellent fabric performance & durability.

Our company inspects fabrics of knit or woven type, for dying, printing & weaving defects. The dimensions are in the order of length x breadth x height = 2000mm x 1500mm x 1800mm. The area of inspection is 2000mm x 800mm on the white laminated background at 60 degrees. This fabric machine operates as an edge control tool for fine roll formation for fabric exports. It has an option of forwarding & backward motion with illumination on the top & bottom to make sure if any visible defects on both sides of the fabric.

There is analog/digital counter to measure the fabric of inspected quantity. The input power is 220v/50hz single phase ac supply. Input can be a plate or roll & output can be plate or roll. A roll is provided in front of the operator. The speed control scale varies from zero to thirty-five meters per minute.

The Fabric inspection is executed for fault/defect rate, fabric weight, shrinkage, edge-edge shading, color, length/width, print defect & appearance. Fabric inspection also ensures to minimize the rejection of exports due to fabric faults. These machines are upgraded as per the latest technology & market demands. In inclusion with this, we have a skilled workforce, consist of quality analysts, supervisors, sales & marketing personnel & administrative staff. Some of the relevant factors resulting in tremendous growth are high- quality products, sound manufacturing facility & overall quality customer satisfaction. Therefore productivity can reach a greater extent as per customer requirement.

Amith garment services offer the best Color matching cabinet to analyze colors instantly & accurately. This machine is easy to operate & avail correct results in a short span of time. It is used to obtain color texture & quality. The Color matching cabinet is designed for viewable evaluation of shade & color differences under standardized & limited lighting conditions.

The main usage of this equipment includes checking the color matching of textiles, paints, plastic, paper, automotive, graphic arts, paints, inks, medical & pharmaceutical applications. The design is economical & has a calibration certificate. It has interior paint with Munsell as per International Standards or Sun mica wood of standard color. It has a 45-degree angle table for viewing fabrics/yarns/sewing threads without any diversion.

The equipment is easy to handle as each light options are provided separately with buttons. The Hour meter is used for measuring light sources. The light sources are D65, CWF, INCA, UV & TL84. It allows a person to evaluate color sample under different light sources. The color matching is the universally preferred choice for faster, closer & detailed color matc"