Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in @India and @Abroad

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Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in @India and @Abroad
There is a wide scope for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering . The aviation sector is developing fast in India. It earns huge profit, so there is a huge demand for more aircraft, as a result, the companies looking for young, energetic and dynamic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India. Nowadays, people prefer to travel by airplane than a ship. So, the number of travellers who are travelling by flights increasing at a faster. This makes a huge demand for new aircraft to compensate for the huge traffic at the airport.

It has a wide scope in the aviation sector like Indian Airlines, Kingfisher, Jet Airways, Spice jet, Air India, Sahara and many more. All these companies looking for a large number of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers for the maintenance works of their aircraft. So, it is guaranteed that no AME will become unemployed after the successful completion of this course. By the by those who are prsuing.

There are varios working sectors where an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can do work such as:-

Airlines: Airlines is a company which provides regular services carrying people or goods in airplanes. Before aircraft fly, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer has to analyze and solve the problems of aircraft. After signing certificate an aircraft can fly.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MRO) industries: MRO companies are those companies which specialize in performing maintenance actions on aircraft and their components such as jet engines, landing gears etc. To maintain the actions licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer are required.

Aircraft Manufacturing Companies: Aircraft Manufacturing Companies deals in the manufacturing of aircrafts such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, etc. For maintaining and operating engines, electronics system etc Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is hired.Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies: Aircraft are made up of numerous parts. To manufacture those parts Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies have builds. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can analyze those parts and help them to build better ones.

Aircraft Operation Organizations: ICAO, EASA, etc are the Aircraft Operation Organization. Their organization deals with well being and protection of civil aviation. When it’s about Safety in aircraft, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is the first name that came out.

Flying Clubs: A flying club is an organization that provides its members with affordable access to aircraft. That aircraft need to be maintenance which is done by licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

Aviation Training Centres: There are Aircraft Maintenance Engineer who aware another candidate about the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and its scope.

Civil Defence Forces: There are many aircraft which defence use for various purposes to protect the country. Defence aircrafts are also maintenance by license Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

The Aircraft Engineers have a respectable position in the aviation sector so they are highly paid staff of the company. Initially, companies used to pay around Rs 35000/- per month and it may continuously keep on raising as gaining experience. As per your experience and dedication in your work, the companies will suitably reward in hiking your salary up to 60000/- to 100000/-. So, the candidates joining AME courses have a bright future and can earn a handsome salary with the dedication towards their duty.

There are many colleges offering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course. All candidates are advised to check the admission criteria of such colleges. Different colleges have different admission criteria but the pre-requisite qualification is same as mentioned above. Though all candidates have an equal job opportunity, popular colleges can grab more opportunity for their students by making collaboration with aviation companies. So, better college means a better opportunity. It is obvious to presume that popular colleges must collect huge fees for the said course so this is not exceptional as in other areas too. The total fee for the course may vary from college to college in terms of their popularity and services rendering in imparting the course. It is expected to be around Rs 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs.

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