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Otherlinks Graffiti Artists have their own getup and accessories. This article discusses some essentials that shouldn’t be missed.
Graffiti artists live a very flamboyant lifestyle characterized by their radical and downright rebellious attitudes. They take inspiration from the culture of hip hop dancers, and they prefer to don themselves with urban streetwear that consists of loose fitted clothes. These clothes allow them to move with ease during their art sessions.

Street art is important because of its unrestricted access to creativity, allowing for incredibly varied and diverse artful expressions. The sheer skill needed to develop art is enormous given the scale and style of typical graffiti artwork. Many people stereotype graffiti artists as a group of hoodlums hellbent on vandalizing grocery shops and tagging alleyways with spray cans.

That simply isn’t street art. In fact, street art goes way back in history, and we can see drawings etched into caves thousands of years ago. Graffiti started at the time of the cavemen, and the mantle today is proudly carried by modern graffiti artists. A good painting evokes primal emotions and raises important but mysterious questions, “Who put it there? Does it mean anything? What was their inspiration behind it?”

Graffiti art is typically influenced by contemporary political and social issues. It is common to see graffiti art manifest on walls and buildings as a peaceful way to protest and display public outcry. Many would agree that painted streets give the impression of a more colorful world.

With the start of the 21st century, cultural themes from the skateboarding community were integrated into street art fashion. OtherLinks takes you through essential urban clothing elements that are typical of so many graffiti artists.

Large Tees
Oversized street art shirts were popular among graffiti artists of both genders. The tees are normally borrowed from reputable urban clothing brands such as Nike and smaller premium retailers like OtherLinks.

Male graffiti artists were known to sport patterned button downs, while women chose a colored camisole because it was made with lightweight material for maximum mobility. Of particular note are off the shoulder tops, which became an instant sensation with female graffiti artists.

Form Fitting Pants
Both men and women sported slim fitting pants that came in different colors like white, black, and red. The skate culture’s influence was beginning to rub off on urban fashion, and the baggy pants slowly phased out.

It is also common for graffiti artists to wear knee-length shorts in solid colors with neutral tones. Female artists would choose leggings to go along with oversized tops for more authentic urban streetwear.

Hats on Heads
Graffiti artists love to wear caps because of how they minimize their overall presence during a painting. Take a cursory look at Banksy and Dondi and you’ll figure out why. The nature of their hobby sometimes requires a little cover should things go south and they need to make a quick getaway.

These caps come in different colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Of particular note are snapbacks, which are versatile and can be worn with different styles and outfits—be it tees, leggings or sweatpants. Other streetwear popular with graffiti artists include beanies and bandanas for a more rebellious look.

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