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Bricks and clicks were considered to be different strategies for retail business until recently. However, businesses are now adopting one strategy for both.

The very first thing that pops up in our minds after hearing the term brick-and-click retail is something out of the ordinary and which is somehow true once we get fully aware of the term. To be very precise, brick-and-click retail is a business model in which a merchant operates not only through brick and mortar retail but also eCommerce.

In the contemporary world, digitalisation has completely changed the way we do business and an unforeseen evolution has been observed in the retail sector as well. Gone are the days when bricks and clicks were thought to be separate channels for retail business as we now observe the emergence of one strategy for both. In so many ways, this hybrid strategy has come into play while combining the perks of both the physical and digital retail worlds in a single recipe.

Besides, the point of sale systems has also been figuring out all the retail-related worries for businesses while making sure that everything is sorted out conveniently and without any wastage of time.

If we scroll through the pages of recent history and observe the success story of various emerging retail giants, we will observe that not only online but also brick-and-mortar retail stores have been playing their significant part in this new retail revolution. Besides, some of the recent surveys also suggest that more than 70% of buyers opt to shop at physical locations rather than online stores.

Let’s have a look at some of the factors that are helping brick and click retailers to woo the customers and thus revolutionising the industry meanwhile.

1.   Bricks and Clicks Entice it with Saving 

The obvious reason why shoppers buy online is convenience. However, that being said, it is also true that physical stores opt for cost-centric techniques to encourage more shoppers to their physical locations. By keeping the aforementioned fact in view, brick-and-click retailers are adopting new incentives and strategies such as promotions, coupons, and discounts to encourage customers to shop both online and also from retail outlets.

2.   Wondrous Showcasing

The retail industry is adopting new plans and strategies to increase revenue while keeping customer satisfaction its priority. That is why brick-and-mortar offers shoppers the liberty to check their items and become familiar with shopping items before purchase. On the other hand, to keep their customers engaging, retailers have also created a virtual shopping world that is composed of digital showrooms and also product views.  That is why; the newly adopted strategy is turning out to be very useful for the bricks and clicks rather quickly.

3.   Better Coordination between Sales and Inventory

Most of the buyers are often annoyed by the fact that merchants face inventory inconsistency and that is why he/she will not waste his time looking for a sold-out product in a physical location that the online store claims are in stock.

By keeping the customers' satisfaction in view, most of the brick-and-click retailers have figured out this issue by regular inventory syncing, updating, and keeping it consistent across all physical and online stores. At the end of the day, it’s the customer who benefits from this strategy and which is an essential part of customer service.

4.   Customer Friendly Policies

The coolest thing about brick-and-click retailers is that most of the customers enjoy while shopping with them and the biggest perk is observed in case of customer returns issue. The reason behind this fact is the ease of returns made by the customers bought from physical stores and returning them online and vice versa. That is why customers are free to opt from the most fitting option and they left positive reviews and high recommendations after making a successful purchase. 

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The retail industry has truly revolutionised not only ""

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Being a blogger who loves to write about retail businesses, I personally feel that the innovations in the relevant industries are making waves with fast pace. That is why, I like to let my readers know about the contemporary technology solutions and also the latest trends that are hitting the industry.


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