Strengthening Indian Engineering Education in 2020

   2020-05-20       29        Education
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There is a need to reimagine engineering education in India. Today, let's dwell into various challenges and solutions that can strengthen out engineering education in India

The Present Scenario

The IT industry is skyrocketing at a pace that's hard for academic institutions to cope with. There are many who lack the integration of industry and academia. To fill this huge gap of industry-academia engineering colleges need to be interdisciplinary with new technology courses at the core. Colleges must stay at par with advances in knowledge, instrumentation, communication, and computational capabilities and students also must enhance their technical & soft skills to cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

 Solutions to future job scenario

It's an extremely competitive world out there with a huge chunk of graduating students every year which doesn't guarantee job security. Future engineers need to complete additional specialization and develop new-age skills to adapt to the rapid digitization of industries. Students need to face and overcome generational shifts in technology and business models by combining rapid technology evolution with business model evolution driving more non-linear revenue growth. To make this a reality, colleges in Warangal are helping students to look for opportunities to enhance their skills and gain hands-on industry experience in real-life applications. Today’s students are digitally savvy which is a huge advantage for colleges to help them to adapt to contemporary engineering concepts. Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, BOTS, Intelligent Apps, Cloud Implementation are the top contenders this year and colleges must utilize these avenues for innovation for student's career growth. To further student's prospects, the Indian government along with educational institutes is providing platforms to encourage innovative thinking & entrepreneurship in young graduates making engineering studies a desirable career stream for the years to come.

Current challenges and possible solutions

India has been dealing with a huge number of engineering institutes that deliver substandard engineering education for the past few years. Except for IIT’s and other prestigious institutions most of the private engineering colleges are failing at providing skill-based and job oriented engineering education that can help them with suitable job prospects. To combat this issue AICTE has already begun its mission to eliminate mushrooming of low-quality engineering colleges. According to a report, 80% of current engineering graduates are not employable. It is not the students who have fallen short, it is the engineering education provided with such sub-standard engineering education that hasn't evolved with time. To cope up with the fast-changing world, students need to be trained to manage the varied complexities and uncertainties of the modern world. They need to be given practical solutions to work on so that they meet the needs of the present. This can happen only when all engineering colleges push for a higher level of capability. In the present situation, if all engineering colleges can aim to adopt new-age technology, the Indian engineering education will produce globally competitive, high-end eng""

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