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MacAndro provides Dream11 Clone Script along with advanced feature rich Dream11 Clone App with an exceptional in-depth analysis to build an fantasy sports app like Dream11.

If you are looking forward to build an online platform for sports lovers to play online leagues and to make profit from it, then  is the most perfect solution. Although, there are several app like dream11 in the market, yet not all achieved the user base like Dream11. Well to acquire huge audience and to compete the Dream11 app, there are some key strategies to follow. Let’s start from the detailed study of Dream11 app.

What is Dream11 App?

Initially, Dream11 is an online platform for the cricket fans to boost their involvement in their beloved games by participating in live cricket matches. It enables the users to play virtual game by selecting real cricket players in their own team to play in a league. Based on the performance of the players they choose, users can win the game and earn cash prizes.


According to statistics, Dream11 upholds 1 millions users in 2014 which then raised to 2 million in 2016. By being successful in fantasy app world, Dream11 achieved more than 45 million in 2018. By analyzing the above statistics, it is clear that fantasy sports industry is experiencing the constant growth. To make it more clear, take a look at the below statistical chart




Benefits in Building Dream11 Clone App:

Legitimate App:


It is known fact that betting in cricket is an illegal action in some countries like India. But Betting in fantasy cricket app like Dream11 are illegal and non-violated. Moreover, it provides a platform for the users to apply their sports knowledge & skills in their admired games. This is major reason for the success of Dream11 app. By upholding the highest number of cricket fans all over the world, there is no surprise in the success of Dream11 in India. So it will per


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