Cloud Testing - The Future of Software Testing

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Cloud testing is a method of software testing that renders various cloud computing services such as software, hardware, and other computing devices.

Cloud testing is a software testing using cloud computing, which means using resources found in the cloud. Resources may be any hardware, software, and infrastructure necessary to carry out the tests. Easy access to the cloud environment helps organizations approach software testing as an easily scalable, on-demand service. Over the last decades, traditional software testing incurs a high cost to simulate user activity from multiple locations. Most applications were running on client/server architecture, and data was tightly coupled with applications in client/server architecture. Then the World Wide Web came along with N-tier application architecture where developers could create flexible and reusable applications. By segregating an application into tiers, developers acquired the option of modifying or adding a specific layer, instead of reworking the entire application. Technology innovation has further provided web access to people on the go via laptops and mobile devices.


Cloud-Testing Life Cycle


The clod-testing life cycle includes the following activities. Test Manager/Project manager/Test leader plays the role of Test admin. Test admin creates the test scenarios and designs test cases. Based on the scenarios and test cases, automated test script will be generated either by test admin or professional tester. Once a cloud service provider is available to test admin, he creates the user to give access to testers. Cloud-service provider set-up the infrastructure. Test users/Testers use the credentials to log in to the portal and can use all the assets available. The Cloud testing process starts here. Testers perform the testing. After completion of the process, cloud testing providers deliver the result.


Testing firewalls and load balancers involve the expenditure on hardware, software, and maintenance. In the case of applications where the rate of increase in some users is unpredictable or there is variation in deployment environment depending on client requirements, cloud testing is more effective.


Software testing has also undergone a long-drawn evolution cycle. From ad-hoc practices within different business units, it gradually evolved into a centralized Managed Test Center approach. However, the testing paradigm has changed and there are major challenges that need to be overcome, such as infrastructure availability, complexity, and increasing costs. Traditional application testing has its limitations as well, like latency, performance, concurrency, planning, and extremely expensive execution costs.            


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