Art Deco Style Jewelry | What is art deco jewelry?

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Art deco jewelry is a form of vintage jewelry that is still highly valued, today.. Learn about art style deco jewelry and what is art deco jewelry?

What is art deco jewelry? / Art deco jewelry history

Art deco as a style emerged in 1925 as a result of the exhibits held in the World’s Fair, Paris. The term itself is short for “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes”, the original name of the event.

Art deco style jewelry is a form of vintage jewelry that is still highly valued, today. The style is characterized by certain design elements found not just in the jewelry of the period, but also in cars, buildings and other types of fashion. As far as the jewelry is concerned, there are certain characteristics that can be used to identify art deco jewelry.

What are the key features of Art Deco?

First and foremost, the 1920s was a time when metals such as Platinum and white gold were extremely popular, and the yellow gold was out of style. White gold had gained popularity because of the similarities in looks that it shared with platinum, along with the extremely high prices of the latter.

Further, art deco designs are characterized by the old European cuts of the diamonds and other gemstones that were used, such as the antique cushion cut, or the asscher cut. The various modern cut varieties that I see today were not in use, back then. Further, the idea of beauty in jewelry has evolved over time, and back then geometrically symmetrical jewelry designs were extremely popular.

Another characteristic element of art deco styles is the existence of caliber cut stones. Back then, most pieces were handmade, and the kinds of tools available to artisans were not at all comparable with the kind of machinery available today.

Finally, a vast majority of art deco jewelry has filigree work, which is characterized by the small intricate cut outs and crispness that seems to exist in every piece. Filigree work was done using die-cast machines, and because today most jewelry is made using wax molds, the level of intricacy that is seen in the filigree work of 1920s and 30s exceeds the quality of what we have today.

When was art deco jewelry popular? / Art deco jewelry time period

While the art deco period roughly started around the 1910s and went on until the 40s, it was most popular during the twenties. The twenties were """"

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