Lose more eyelashes after makeup

   2020-07-02       31        Fashion
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I have always envied my colleagues with long eyelashes, and even the eyeliner can be omitted when making up.

1. Eye makeup: Eyelash curlers must be "gentle" and use full-effect mascara

A lot of girls make up is "without a teacher", because the job needs and want to make up every day, hands and feet "neat" but forget eye makeup to must be "gentle" , otherwise one day after another is to hurt eyelash ceaselessly. Eyelash makeup, the simplest step is clip eyelash, besmear mascara, but among the skill is never simple.

Practice: When clip the eyelash, do not too close to the root, in the middle gently clip 2, 3 times. Don't push too hard, just stay for a few seconds. Also should choose to have repair to protect eyelash fluid, brush by fundamental to terminal, same can two or three times, avoid eyelash accumulate the eyelash fluid with much quantity.

Tips: Eyelash curler should always clean, soft rubber pads should also be replaced frequently. Because remain cosmetic and inelastic gum mat can make eyelash cannot curl and break.

2. Correct makeup remover: use special makeup remover;

Makeup cotton with cotton swab some people like to cook, but not wash the dishes. The reason is like some people like to make up, but do not like to take off makeup, I am that kind of person. But discharge makeup this comes a responsibility, cannot be lazy really, especially eye makeup, discharge is not thorough, not only make eyelash falls off easily, still can affect eye health. As with makeup, be "gentle."

Practice: Eyelash can be removed with eye makeup. Put makeup remover to pour to go up in makeup cotton first, apply on eye face tens of seconds, and gently push away again. But discharge makeup did not end, eyelash fluid still can remain, accordingly should touch again with cotton stick discharge makeup fluid, wipe gently on eyelash.

Tips: a lot of people can choose eyelash special discharge makeup fluid, but I think superfluous action, although bought, also use perhaps less than a month. Eyelash special discharge makeup fluid effect, actually also can accomplish with cotton stick easily.

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