2D | 3D | 4D | 5D | 6D BIM Modeling – When to Opt Which BIM Service?

   2020-07-08       24        Technology
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Which of 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D & 6D BIM dimensions are well-suitable is the most difficult question for some people to understand.

Looking for operation and facilities maintenance with asset and facility management cost? The 6D BIM process is also popular as the ‘project life cycle information.’ The technique is often called . Whenever a designer creates a model and updates it through the construction phase, the model acquires the capacity to become an ‘as-built’ model, for turning over to the owner. The as-built model contains all specifications, operation, and maintenance manuals as well as warranty information, suitable for future maintenance. Eradication of making O&M manual out-of-place or keeping it at a remote place facilitates the adoption of IOT-based data driven scheduing.

BIM software like BIM 360 entails capturing of data, where appropriate data is documented throughout the operation of a building. This process in turn aids BIM model to be used for assessing its energy efficacy, , and augmenting its cost-efficiency. 6D BIM not only helps in site safety,  with improved productivity but also helping in perfect decision making. This also empowers the owner to gauge the cost of any proposed upgrades.


The digitization revolutionizing construction, architecture and engineering industry is beyond the expectation. But choosing BIM for small business or large businesses is evidentialy beneficial. As Building Information Modeling techniques allows improved planning, designing, managing and constructing smart buildings for commercial , residential, healthcare, hospital, government sector. So why to be scared to adopt BIM Modeling? Choose the Best Experienced BIM Consulting Companies Near …and build designs with difference.

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