6 Maintenance Tips for Kitchen Equipments

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How to take care of your Kitchen Equipments before Turning them On after Lockdown
At this phenomenal time of isolation and lockdown due to the pandemic, food services like restaurants, hotels etc needed to close down for some time or their sales had decreased. Because of this, many food administration proprietors may have decided to detach their refrigeration equipment and other electrical kitchen equipment to save energy and decrease the costs incurred due to energy consumption. In these circumstances, there are a couple of simple measures that can be taken to ensure that all the electrical kitchen equipment works appropriately without causing any damage when they are reconnected.

In the event that your kitchen equipment is disengaged and not utilized since many days, here are 6 tips from Shree Manek Kitchen Equipment, the pioneer in world-class manufacturing of commercial kitchen equipment for hospitals, clubs, restaurants, hotels, and so on, having over 40 years of involvement with a wide range of kitchen equipment, refrigeration equipment, induction kitchen equipment, exhaust services.

  1. To ensure that the equipments operate properly, make sure that the evaporators and condensers are clean. Also, get a thorough maintenance of your equipment done before switching them on. 
  2. Before restocking your refrigeration cabinet, check if you hear any unusual noise like the compressor of the refrigerator is slugged by liquid or fans are making some unusual sound.
  3. While restarting your equipment after many days, it is possible that it might require some time to arrive at the ideal temperature or there might be a higher consumption of energy. So, before loading your items in undercounter refrigerator, vertical 2-door / 4-door refrigerator, worktop refrigerator or display counter, first ensure that the equipment has accomplished the ideal temperature. This results in letting the temperature stay at the ideal level and keeps the equipment from overloading.
  4. Subsequent to loading all of your items, check the temperature of the equipment again and take a note of the time it took to pull down. Likewise, you might want to record the amp draws on all motors after the cabinet has arrived at its ideal temperature. You ought to likewise review and fix any loosened up electrical connections of all your electric kitchen equipment
  5. When the products are restocked back, do not turn off the equipment immediately.
  6. Also, ensure that the restocked products are at the room temperature and not very warm so that the equipment will not take longer than usual time to reach its ideal temperature.

The Director of Shree Manek Kitchen Equipment, Hardik Panchal, advises that if the kitchen equipment is not in use for a short period of time then it should not be disconnected jst to save energy, for example, during the night. “Usually, one may think that their energy consumption may improve if they shut off their commercial refrigerators during lower demands. However, food services owners should consider that when they disconnect, the internal temperature of the equipment will get higher and when they turn it on again, it may require a lot more energy to pull the temperature down”, he further says. “This variation in temperature may also accelerate the decay of food and beverages, hence it is advisable to not turn off the commercial refrigeration equipment, in short period situations”, says the director of Shree Manek Kitchen Equipment Pvt. Ltd. 

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Shree Manek Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Ltd., having more than 50 years of experience has given us an edge over our competitors, thus serving customers not only at local and national level, but also at international level.We pride ourselves in being world-class manufacturers of commercial <a href="https://shreemanek.net/">kitchen equipments</a> and over the years have strived hard to cater to our clients with nothing but the best.

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