The need for businesses to accelerate digital transformation

   2020-07-28       47        Business
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There is an unprecedented demand for digital technology and solutions that can support customers through collaborative platforms that include user-focused solutions and customer engagement

 Boosting business resilience to keep moving forward means optimizing customer service, working in concert rather than in siloes.With this mind set, enterprises must build in the necessary operational resiliency to survive this new reality. The COVID-19 pandemic has showcased the value digital transformation and organizations should use this time to accelerate the transition.


 â€œDigital-first” strategy 


Digital Onboarding helps enterprises with opening new accounts or new connections, thus building a true digital experience for their customers. Right at the comfort of their homes and in compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC), one can verify customer ID and authenticate other transactions and/or engagements.


Self-help strategy with interactive videos that will take the customer through the tour of his bill or policy, allowing him to chat with intelligent chatbots, register any feedback, all within the short video. With increased consumer engagement across mobile applications, enterprises have an opportunity to deliver great user experience.


Seamless multichannel integration with social media for customer service is a great way to connect to customers. Integration on chat apps like Whatsapp can provide quick answers to customer queries with chatbots that interact and help organize customer inquiries while reducing calls to the contact center.


Covid-19 is a call for , an opportunity for enterprises to embrace a new digital reality where Data and analytics are more important than ever and digitalization has found a new meaning. To learn how Intense Technologies can help make your b""

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Intense Technologies offers solutions that help enterprises move forward in these challenging times. Bring in new customers with digital onboarding, right at their doorstep with our onboarding solution or engage your customers with personalized communications through email, mobile app, virtual assistant, interactive videos and more. While employees are safely working from home, we help enterprises empower their customers with self-help and interactive digital communications. 

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