How does Google webmaster’s optimization help to be better?

1. For improvement of page HTML

Using Google Webmaster, you can find HTML improvement under the Search Appearance tab. Clicking on it will generate a report which will give you the snapshot of all issues on your website related to title tags, meta descriptions, etc. It will also put forth the un-indexable content also on your page.

2. Get content keywords

On GWT, under the Google Index, you can also find a tab for Content Keywords. This is a tool for users to view how Google views it. This report will show you the keywords used in your site along with its variations and significance of each. Checking it will help you to determine which keywords you have to create more content for and how to plan your themes etc.

3. Structured data

This report will show you how the content of your pages will be explained to search engines. Knowing this will help you to work better on the traffic generation and better ranking. If you maintain structured data on the site which is easily understandable to the search engines, there are high chances of improving your SERP positions. GWT will also give you suggestions in terms of structured data that Google can detect on the website along with the URLs. To get it, access GWT and "