Work of VoIP Telephony Systems over Traditional PBX Systems

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Being a game-changing technology for organizations, VoIP offers convenient and reliable results with core extendibility. It is providing huge benefits over other traditional communication solutions.
Small businesses, large organizations, and even many start-ups are still utilizing traditional phone systems for many years. Despite of availability of many innovative technologies, they are still not aware of the benefits these innovations can provide. One of the best and most utilized technologies is VoIP (voice over IP).

This technology offers high quality voice interactions, uninterrupted network stability and high-standard connection strength. There are many agencies that offer best VoIP services at cost-effective prices. These services are based on highly qualified communication solutions.

VoIP technology has a wide range of applications such as business telephony, termination services, SIP (session initiation protocol) termination services, and virtual systems. These applications are utilized to fulfill the objectives of high-quality communication.

These applications basically work on IP based connections, so the transmission of data as well as voice transmitted more quickly and reliably. These systems offer huge benefits to the telecom industry and hence most of the enterprises are switching to it.

Here are some factors that show of the VoIP based systems over traditional telephony systems:

1- Expenses

VoIP systems are basically based on IP based connections so they don’t require heavy equipment or hardware like traditional communication systems. They don’t charge expenses for installation, configuration, activation or deactivation. Instead, they require internet service and portable IP phones for handling calls and other services.

On the other hand, traditional communication systems require heavy equipment and hardware. They are very costly as compared to VoIP-based assets. In fact, the quality is not so good also. Therefore, VoIP-based systems are more budget-friendly as compared to traditional systems in terms of features and services.

2- Flexibility

VoIP-based communication systems are more user-friendly as they have easy-to-access features that can help agents to improve their calling performance. Moreover, calling business can also maximize their productivity using these services and maintain the quality of communication.

Traditional phone systems are more prone to line/connectivity interruptions and disturbances. They usually encounter line breakage and hence communication quality is found to be degraded in these systems. That’s why VoIP communication systems are more beneficial for the calling companies.

3- Support and Maintenance

VoIP-enabled business telephony is not so difficult to maintain, as they don’t have bulk wiring systems. The support team just needs to check the connectivity through internet and IP phones. Whereas, traditional phone systems require a complete diagnose as they are established through bulk wire setup.

Moreover, traditional phone systems are hardware-based equipment so a technician will be required from telephone exchange department. Their maintenance process takes a lot of time as compared to IP-based telecom solutions. So, VoIP systems dominate in this concept again.

4- Scalability & Productivity

When it comes to business growth and expansion, traditional phone systems are more scalable option for calling companies. Since VoIP systems can be integrated with cloud-based services, so employees can access the service from anywhere with secure login details. Hence, companies can expand their services beneficially anytime due to this factor.

In addition, VoIP-enabled systems are more productive as compared to traditional phone systems. This is because they offer a lot of advanced features that can enhance the productivity of the employees as well as business. These features can’t be found in traditional phone systems, except only a few of them that might be costly.

In both scalability and productivity, VoIP-based systems are meant to be the best choice. So, it would be beneficial for the companies to switch their traditional phone systems and adopt latest technologies.

According to a recent research, there are many recognized VoIP business providers in USA like VoIP4CallCenters that are offering VoIP phone systems at affordable prices. MNCs as well as SMBs are looking for these types of providers to upgrade their business telephony, and hence VoIP has become the dominating technology among other traditional systems.

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