Lincoln Car Maintenance Tips:

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The Lincoln Motor Company provides the scheduled maintenance recommendation for all its vehicle models.

 You can also contact the dealer if in case of clarifications. Moreover within the warranty period, dealers will offer one free service for the Lincoln car that you own. Avail those maintenance services to keep your vehicle in good condition at free of cost. Furthermore, Lincoln has introduced the "Complimentary Maintenance Program" for its customers. This step is taken by the luxury car manufacturer to make its customers get the uncompromised luxury in every ride they take in the vehicle. The complimentary maintenance program includes a two years or 24,000 miles plan for maintenance, complimentary tire rotation and also oil change for one time and finally complimentary car wash services.
The car maintenance is not just washing the car or changing the oil. It is just the beginning to keep your vehicle on track. Apart from this, Lincoln auto brand helps you to evaluate your vehicle's health. So that you will come to know more about the vehicle's condition, which body part is in good condition and which is faulty. The well trained experts will perform a multipoint inspection for free of cost that is included in LMPP (Lincoln Maintenance Protection Plan). This plan is specially designed by the company for all the Lincoln vehicles. The company also comes forward to inspect and replace the parts that are subjected to some wear and tear that includes engine oil & the filter changes, engine belt, spark plugs, shock absorbers, wiper blades, brake rotors, tire rotations and the brake pads. In this maintenance plan, you can choose the coverage based on your comfort. That is, with convenient time (2 years to 8 years) or mileage covered (upto 200,000 km) or maintenance frequency (for every 8,000 or 16,000Km). By choosing this maintenance program, you can enjoy lots of benefits - you will get the direct support from the automobile manufacturers, it will boost your confidence upon the vehicle, and helps to limit the maintenance expenses. 
If you own a Lincoln Aviator then the overall maintenance and repair can cost around $223 yearly. During the first few years of purchase, the Aviator performs well with less maintenance expense. However when the mileage increases, the vehicle is subjected to wear and tear issues. The estimated maintenance cost during the 5th year of Aviator after purchase will be $1000 approximately, though this is not mandatory for every Aviator vehicle. The experts have calculated this cost data based on the current scenario that is happening in the automobile market. Oil change is the most frequent Lincoln Aviator's maintenance issues. But other commonly registered maintenance requirements for Lincoln Aviator are during door handle problem, faulty alternator, cabin air filter issue, radiator problem, spark plug problem etc. However the problems can differ depending upon the manufactured year. Therefore periodically inspect your vehicle. You can also hire a technical expert to check for any problems in your Aviator engine and other vehicle parts frequently. If in case of a problem, immediate action will reduce the repair cost to greater extent. 
According to the report, Lincoln MKZ stands first in being the expensive car for maintenance. The repair and the maintenance cost for MKZ is estimated to be around $$2,649. This is really high when compared to its competitors including Audi A4, Lexus IS 250, VW Jetta, VW Passat, Nissan's Sentra and Altima. If you own a Lincoln MKZ then you must know the tips to smartly save the maintenance cost. As a precautionary step, you can change the oil for every 5000 miles. If you think this is every short mileage duration then change the oil frequently as per your vehicle's present condition. The experts suggest checking the MKZ engine coolant for every 50,000 miles. Inspect the engine and other car parts frequently so that you can find the fault (If any) immediately and it would be easy to take actions quickly without enhancing the damages. For example, if the coolant system is faulty then you must replace it quickly. Or else the vehicle's engine will get affected due to overheat and the cost of changing the engine is costlier. Therefore check the fuel filter, seat filter (that helps for climate control) and the air filter of Lincoln MKZ for every 30,000 miles as suggested by the experts. Tire rotation must be checked so frequently, that is monthly. As a whole, these checks and maintenance will give you peace of mind and help you to get out of embarrassing situations while driving the vehicle. 

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