React Native and iOS App Development!

   2020-09-09       12        Technology
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React Native is an amazing tool for writing native-like iOS apps. It offers benefits like cost-efficiency, shorter development cycles, simplified coding to every React Native app development company

Although Swift remains the top choice for architecting fine-tuned native iOS apps, React Native too, is considered to be a highly preferred alternative for . And why not? React Native development offers myriad benefits to its users. Moreover, it is estimated by various tech experts and enthusiasts that this cross-platform framework will dominate the app development market sooner or later. Owing to this, several React Native app development services are being established across the globe at a fast pace. An increasing number of business owners are opting for React Native.

So, if too you have decided to use React Native for building your iOS app, here is a detailed breakdown of the good and the bad this framework has to offer for iOS development. Let’s run through them.

The Good of React Native for iOS App Development

Creation of Native-like Apps using Familiar Tools

React Native is basically a JavaScript library of Facebook, and it uses native controls and modules for developing mobile apps. Additionally, the apps developed in React Native render their UI with the use of Native APIs. Consequently, the apps have a native-like look, feel, and performance. Also, another advantage this framework offers to the developers is the use of familiar tools, which reduces their efforts to some extent.

Easy and Faster Development Process

React Native has an easy learning curve and is quite simpler to work with. It is an efficient framework which allows easier and faster development of iOS apps due to the following reasons:

·         Availability of ready-made and reusable components

·         Declarative coding style which simplifies the coding paradigms and overall process by making the code easy to read, understand and implement

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