Diet to support a healthy pregnancy

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Surrogacy often comes as responsible task in hand for the intended parents and while they will be paying for the Surrogate mother and all the additional services.
there are still few things they need to take care for in the process. Although the intended parents need not to worry about anything whilst they are dealing with a surrogacy agency, most of the work comes along when they are dealing with it all by themselves. Apart from the medicine and treatment part, diet is one of the most important aspects of the whole process and there are few things which you must include in the diet for the surrogate mother.


Salmon fish is fully loaded with lots of protein and it’s also comes with high quality omega-3 fats. These nutrients play a big role in ensuring not only good health for the surrogate mother; it will also help in the overall development of the baby in a healthier aspect. Moreover, it also come as a mood booster for the pregnant women and this very much help in various mood swing situations which come along what pregnancy process. Also, the advised quantity to be consumed as per experts is 12 ounces of salmon per week and this way, you can avoid consuming too much mercury which could impact the nervous system.


Beans can certainly be quoted as the healthiest vegetable around as it carries loads of protein and fiber content altogether with iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. It’s a known fact that Pregnancy slows down the gestational tract of the pregnant women which further beings on the risk of hemorrhoids and constipation. Beans can itself fulfill the need for all the key nutritional requirements whilst avoiding any such risk for the pregnant women’s body.

Other protein rich foods

Other protein rich food like eggs, nuts, chicken and so on must also be included in the diet for the pregnant women and the intended parents or the surrogacy agency must take care of the same in the whole process.

Healthy carbohydrates and fiber rich foods

The diet must also include healthy carbs like Sweet potatoes, seasonal fruits and vegetables, Greek yogurt and other stuff to fulfill the daily nutritional requirement of the pregnant women. Moreover, Pineapple is also advised to be consumed during pregnancy as it provides lots of folic acid which really helps in the development of the baby inside the womb.



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