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What is Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

   2020-11-06       33        Computer
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Google Tag Manager is a free tool that permits you to manage and deploy advertising tags on your website or mobile app without having to change the code.

What Is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system (TMS) that permits users to simply add and edit snippets of custom or templated code–called tags–to a website. Tags can add analytics tracking, manage promotion pixels or make additional site functionality.

Components of tags & GTM

On the surface, tags and tag managers are attractive frank. But before you can start at work with them, there are a few key concepts you’ll prerequisites to distinguish about.


When you start working with GTM, the initial thing you’ll need to do is generate a container. A container basically “holds” all the tabs for your site.


Each tag on a site wants to serve a specific resolution. Maybe you want to have a tag lead information when someone downloads a file, when an outbound link is connected, or when a method is submitted.

Variables & constants

While tags depend on triggers, triggers depend on variables. Variables hold the value of a trigger wants to estimate to know whether or not it would fire. The tag relates the worth of the variable to the value defined in the trigger and if the variable sees the conditions of the trigger, the tag will fire.

Data layers

A data layer is a JavaScript object which preserves the information tags that need to be isolated from the rest of your site’s code. Since tabs don’t have to occupy time searching over the HTML to find the info they need, this is one more way GTM can aid improve site speed.

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