7 Must-Know Mobile E-Commerce App Development Trends for 2021

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One of the most fateful years in history, 2020 is about to end now. The world has witnessed the disastrous form of coronavirus outbreak throughout this year.
Most brick-and-mortar retailers and superstore owners have been affected due to the coronavirus outbreak. Customers choose online shopping while following the social distancing and lockdown-related rules. To sail through such troubled waters, many retailers and brick-and-mortar store owners have already switched to eCommerce. These days, as the majority of online shopping happens using smartphones, it can be the most useful idea to build an eCommerce app.

A BrizFeel survey has revealed that at least 49% of online shoppers use mobile phones for their purchases. You can make the most of this prevalent trend by bringing a customized and seamlessly-performing eCommerce mobile app.  Let’s go through what lies ahead for eCommerce mobile apps in the future. As mobile eCommerce apps are all set to play a vital role in the sector and the world, let’s go through some of the advanced app development trends for the eCommerce sector in 2021 and beyond.

Seven Trends Set to Rule for E-Commerce App Development

    Rise of Voice-based Shopping

Ok, Google- is a popular tagline in households globally. Similarly, Siri and Alexa have also progressed a lot in recent years. From search to shopping, the user’s voice can work wonders in the eCommerce mobile app with the integrated voice-based shopping feature. Several eCommerce brands have already made the voice feature a part of their mobile app. We can expect that this trend will be strengthened in the year 2021 when more brands will enable their users to utilize the voice shopping facility. A report from OC&C Consultants has predicted that voice-based purchases will grow to $40 million by 2022.

    Use of AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are revolutionary technologies that can provide an immersive experience to shoppers in mCommerce. The eCommerce app development company can integrate AR-based features into the app for improving the shopping experience. For example, an apparel brand can facilitate its customers to check whether the cloth they have selected suits their personality through an AR feature.

Similarly, VR technology can show the uses of any product or equipment in an interactive and engaging way. Both these technologies can grab the attention of many people and increase product sales eventually.

    Advent of Omnichannel Experiences

Various eCommerce companies consult an experienced mobile app development company to come up with apps for the most common platforms Android and iOS. If you own an eCommerce company, you can either build an eCommerce app for iOS and Android or develop a cross-platform app that can provide a seamless experience across both Android and iOS platforms.

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