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Study at Best university in Uttarakhand India and experience the latest teaching pedagogy that is globally practised in top-universities.

Quantum University unfolds a whole new age of learning! It takes into account your aspirations and your passions. It offers a unique inter-disciplinary environment where one could study computer science with economics, agriculture with entrepreneurship, or MBA with cybersecurity. Hundreds of such combinations are waiting to be explored. At the same time one is given the opportunity to follow his or her Passion in Theatre, Sports, Music, Dance, Photography and much more.

Quantum School of Technology was founded in the year 2008 by the LMD Educational and Research Foundation, a charitable, not-for-profit Trust, under approval by the AICTE. The mission was to make a positive contribution to society by providing the youth with high-quality and holistic education and cater to their new-age aspirations. Since its inception, Quantum School of Technology has the distinction of being a very acknowledged educational institution that established its academic credentials quite early and was one of the most preferred stand-alone institutions in the Uttarakhand Technical University counselling. In recognition of its outstanding record, the state government conferred on it the status of a university in a short span of 9 years, i.e. in 2017. From the Academic year 2018, Quantum School of Technology has been functioning as Quantum University, duly approved by the UGC. It is very ably managed by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Vivek Kumar, an alumnus of BITS Pilani with a Doctorate in Computer Science. It is natural that Quantum University is a very tech-savvy university in all its operations and collaborations.


Quantum University, Roorkee, is one of the most progressive and innovative universities of North India. Committed to adopting highly evolved International practices, It has envisaged a truly global vision for itself that states, ‘ To be a seat of learning where a student gains academic and professional excellence stays connected with the inner self, imbibes respect for human values, and becomes a world citizen.’ Quantum University includes the following schools:

  • School of Technology
  • School of Business
  • School of Agricultural Studies
  • School of Media Studies and Design
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Hospitality and Tourism
  • School of Law


Quantum University is one of the few universities in India which offers interdisciplinary education, under which a learner is allowed to major in one discipline and takes up minors in a completely different discipline. Students can choose to customise a course of study for themselves as per their needs and desires. At Quantum, a student can study music with technology, agriculture with cyber security, computer science with economics or can curate a unique combination for himself. By imparting interdisciplinary education, the university helps students in developing a diverse approach and become all-rounded individuals. 


Knowing how pursuing a passion could feed the soul and add a third dimension to an individual, Quantum University encourages the students to pursue their passion while studying. Under its thoughtfully designed Passion Programs (PROPS), the university allows students to express and hone their talent in the areas of their interest varying from photography, debating, social services to gardening, dance and music. The new-age university allows students to grow under a guided and structured format and achieve excellence in the chosen passion program. 


At Quantum, education is imparted not only to expand the knowledge but also to develop problem-solving abilities, effective soft skills and interpersonal skills in students. The university focuses on the overall development of the students and imparts positive competitive abilities in them so that they become lifelong learners and contribute meaningfully to society.

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Best university in Uttarakhand | Engineering college in Roorkee

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