Tiling Tips and Techniques for Bathroom Remodeling and Cleaning

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Check out this article to know how to remodel your bathroom tiles and follow the simle ingrediants to clean your washroom area!
Okay, so today we’re going to be talking about some random tiling tips and techniques. if you’re going to be redoing your bathroom and putting tile on the shower surround or you’re going to be putting tile on the floor, even in the kitchen. If you’re going to be tiling the kitchen, we’re going to give you tips on the type of tile to use on walls and floors, what kind of thinset to use for large format tiles so they don’t slide down the wall, what kind of tools will help you out, and so much more. So it this a comprehensive video? It is not. Is it a video that’ll make you smarter when it comes to tiling? I sure hope so. Because these are tips that I’ve learned over the last twelve years remodeling my own rental properties here in Pittsburgh and tips that I’ve learned from my buddy, Steve White, who is a professional master bathroom remodeler. 

So hang on. We’re going to give you some awesome ideas here. Let’s jump into the video right now. The first tip that I wanted to give you has to do with the tubs and showers. Now my personal preference is to have large format tile. So these tiles right here are 12” x 36”. They’re pretty large. And by the way, anything that has it longer than an 18” edge to it is considered a large format tile and needs special thinset such that it won’t slide down the wall whenever you go to adhere it. Why do I like large format tiles? They’re way easier to clean, especially if you get large format tiles that have a glossy surface to them. You just squeegee them down, you’re good to go. You may disagree with me on this, and I totally get it, that it’s an aesthetic thing, and maybe you like subway tiles, so go for it. If you like subway tiles, go for it. But in my experience, if you hate cleaning up the bathroom, large format tiles are the way to go. What about floors? What’s a good tile for the floor? Especially in the bathroom? My personally preference for floor tiles in bathrooms are tiles that have a little bit of grip to them. That way, when you step out of the shower or the bathtub, you’re not going to slip and fall on your rear end. And that’s what these tiles have. There’s some certain grip to it. And I totally get you may not like this because you could make the argument that you’d have to clean them a little bit more, and that’s totally true. But I think it’s not a bad idea to have grippiness to the tiles so you don’t slip and fall. After all, the bathroom is going to be wet. Same thing goes for the kitchen or mudroom. So just keep that in mind when you’re choosing your tile. Another nice, solid tip is whenever you’re tiling in the bathub or the shower, make sure you tile all the way up to the ceiling. 

Now why do you want to do that? You want to do that because it actually—again, this is just my opinion—is more work to leave that section of drywall going around the top of the tub or the shower. Plus, drywall isn’t waterproof. Even if you put a latex layer of paint over top of it, it will still bubble up over time especially if you’re taller and all the water splashes off of you and goes onto the drywall. So spend the extra $50, $100, $150 to buy the tile for the top here for the top section of your tub or your shower. Now I’m going to give you a way to save some money on your tile. Hold on one second here, I want to show you something. So this tile here has a metal profile that looks just like this before you put it behind the tile, and this is made by Schluter. Schluter makes a ton of profiles like this one in many different colors, and it’s way more cost effective to use this than pencil-trimmed tile or bull nose tile. So keep this in mind when you want to do a tile on your shower or your bathtub. Now I want to give you some accent tile tips. It’s always good to choose an accent tile that is the exact same thickness as the surrounding tile. So by that I mean this tile, as you can see here, is about ¼” thick. This tile is ¼” thick. When you go to put both tiles on your waterproofing membrane or waterproofing board, that way they’ll be exactly the same thickness. It’ll be nice and flush. This won’t be sticking out. Now if this tile is thinner than the surrounding tile, what you do is put a piece of Schluter DITRA behind it because the DITRA is only about 1/8” thick. So you put this behind the accent tile, and that will pull the accent tile out to make it flush with the surrounding tiles. So now I’m going to give you three tips that’ll give you great looking grout joints. Goklean4u.com

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