How PCBA Prototyping& Small Batch Production Run

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Making 1pcs of PCBA prototyping board for debugging is really not easy for hardware engineers/ makers, how PCBA prototyping and small batch production run in a PCBA fab?

A Standard PCBA Prototyping & Small Batch Production Runs as follows:

How A standard PCBA PrototypingSmall Batch Production Runs

1. Designer Requests

Designers find one “Smart PCBA Prototyping & Small Batch Production” vendor in Shenzhen, for example, Makerfabssmiley(check our turnkey PCBA service page), and send a request to the PCBA fab, in which explanation of what boards want, what’s the quantity, and the related production files:

1.1.) PCB Gerber Files And The Specs

This file is for PCB production, using the RS-274x format as it is the most widely used PCB file in Shenzhen. Remember that the Drill file(PCB name.txt ) also needed. PCB specs, include the color/ pads finish/ thickness/ copper weight. The most popular color is green, while some other colors such as blue/ red/ white/ yellow/ black also available, but maybe some extra fee for those un-popular colors. The pads finish can be Hasl/ ENIG, or some others, based on customers' requests.

1.2.) BOM List(Bill of Materials)

This is the most important file and often the mistakes happen here.
Some Tips:
  • List the same components/ items in the same row;
  • Mouser/ Digikey parts number would help to avoid misunderstanding.

1.3.) Parting Mapping File For Soldering

This is not mandatory. Distinct silkscreen on the PCB boards would also work for hand soldering. If there is no, or not enough silkscreens, a mapping file is needed.

2. Vendor Quotes


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