Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

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Gemstones hold a tremendous influence on all of our day to day lives. They have been known to eliminate obstacles, difficulties, and hard times from the life of their wearers. Nowadays, we have many options to buy gemstones online.

One of such premium and precious gemstones is the yellow sapphire. Also known by the name of ‘Pukhraj’, it is counted among the most durable stones of the world. Yellow sapphire is considered as the toughest gemstones after diamonds. It is sought-after for enhancing all the aspects of an individual’s life.

Benefits of yellow sapphire

There are endless benefits of wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone. It is the most sought-after stone in the family of Navratan gems. Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj is best recognized for serving success, fame, and good luck in one’s life. By removing negativity of every kind from the wearer’s life, this precious gemstone serves a sturdy financial position to its possessor. Besides rewarding professional achievements, it is also responsible to secure eternal prosperity.

Married couples are recommended to wear a yellow sapphire gem on the way to fortify their marital ties. It blesses its holder with fuller and long-lasting relations. Those wearing Pukhraj enjoy abundant bliss in their relationships. In fact, women also wear yellow sapphire to reassure good health, luck, and success of their male partners. The family legacy and stronghold are believed to reign unceasingly on using a yellow sapphire gem piece.

Yellow sapphire is a true giver. Together with love life, Pukhraj is worn to witness a miraculous progress in every aspect of an individual’s lifespan. It is considered highly beneficial in one’s career growth. This gemstone eradicates all the obstacles on the path of luck, goodness, and a promising career. Pukhraj or yellow sapphire also bestows the wearer with deep insight, knowledge, preciseness, and striving brainpower.

Which yellow sapphire or Pukhraj color is the best..?

When someone asks which yellow sapphire is the best or which Pukhraj color is the best, you can’t answer it certainly. All the best-suited specifications of any gemstone depend upon the horoscope of the user. Gemstones and their benefits may vary from person to person. Henceforth, it is extremely advisable to consult an expert astrologer before a yellow sapphire or wearing any gemstone. The yellow sapphire or well-known 'Pukhraj' in India, is also known by other names like Pushparagam or Peetmani. It is a tough stone according to the Mohs scale that ranks it on 9 in terms of hardness.

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