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Kitchen Worktops - Get the best services for granite kitchen worktops, We provide cheap granite kitchen worktops services in London. We pride ourselves on being able

Kitchen Designers

If you are a professional kitchen designer, you are already well aware of the benefits of using natural and manmade stone. Stone is a beautiful material that can dramatically transform the appearance of a kitchen. It also has the durability required to tolerate being in a harsh environment.

If you are looking for high quality stone at an affordable price, look no further than Capital Granite. Our company works with many UK kitchen designers, helping them source the high-quality stone products they need to create world class kitchens.

Our sales consultants will help you understand which types of materials are currently available at our warehouses. They can also offer suggestions about the materials which might be suitable for your kitchen design, if necessary. Their expertise and product knowledge will make it simple to find the perfect products for your latest kitchen design.


We understand that kitchen designers may not need to use our design and installation services. That’s why we provide a supply and cutting service. This is a useful option for kitchen designers looking to install the product themselves or using their own contracted fitters.


To learn more, contact Capital Granite on 020 8531 2963 or email You can also continue reading to learn more about the additional services we provide.


Why Kitchen Designers Prefer Capital Granite

High-quality stone products from leading quarries and manufacturers

Large slabs are available for kitchens which require a consistency across surfaces

Expert advice is available if required

We can source additional types of stone if required

All stone is ethically sourced

We offer discounts for trade customers

Products are cut to size off-site, so the worksite is not impacted by dust or noise



Capital Granite is one of the UK’s leading providers of natural and manmade stone products for homeowners. We stock a wide range of stone products, including items made from granite, quartzite, marble, quartz, sintered stone, and limestone.

At Capital Granite, we understand that purchasing natural or manmade stone for your home is a significant investment, so we focus on helping each customer throughout the purchasing process.

Our consultants can help you plan the usage of stone in your home, providing guidance on where natural or manmade stone works well. We can also explain all of the different types of stone that may be suitable for your project, based on your usage, budget, and preferred design aesthetic. Our team can even help you design stone worktops for your home.

Homeowners have the option of purchasing large slabs of material, which are cut to size to suit your project. This approach is useful for creating worktops, flooring, or wall paneling with a consistent appearance.

Once you have decided which types of products to use, our manufacturing team will complete any work that is required. All material is prepared at our factory, which eliminates the need for the cutting of stone at your property.

Our installation team will then install your purchase at your home. You will be amazed by their efficiency and attention to detail. Finally, we equip you with all the information you need for ongoing maintenance.

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Kitchen Worktops

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