What a day with depression looks like?

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Reboot your mind and rediscover yourself with an IV ketamine infusion.

Around over 16 million adults in the United States are estimated to have experienced at least a single episode of depression. These are the only those who seek treatment. I dream of a day when we can talk about mental health specifically depression in the same way as we discuss physical health. It would ease off the burden of societal pressure which a patient experiences while going through the process of therapy. Depression hurts. And while we frequently associate this mental illness with emotional pain like sadness and feelings of hopelessness, research shows that depression can present itself physically too in terms of a pain. While we don’t think of depression as physical pain, some societies do, especially the ones where it is “taboo” to openly talk about mental health.


Depression is classified as one of the major depressive disorders. It is a mood disorder due to which a person having it feelings of sadness and lack of interest in his daily life tasks. The majority of the people feel sad or have a low mood normally. It can be a normal reaction to any life-changing event or can be triggered due to the loss of close ones. However, if the same feeling along with helplessness, hopelessness lasts for more than a few weeks and impairs your life, it might be more than just sadness. There are chances you might have a condition called completely treatable depression

I am sure we all must have experienced fatigue at some part of our lives but the tiredness felt during depression has no equal. A person experiencing it would not have any idea what he is going through which delays the required medical attention. It starts with a deep feeling of sadness and hopelessness along with changes in the appetite and lack of energy. Some people feel difficulty concentrating and going through normal activities, withdrawing from friends and isolation plus lack of interest in things you previously enjoyed. These symptoms are often mild at the start. However, the intensity and frequency of the symptoms vary from patient to patient. The hardest thing a patient fails to do is counterattack the feeling that this condition is permanent.

The occurrence of symptoms hugely varies too. Some people experience it more in the daytime while others at night. As soon a person wakes up to start his day, he will be feeling extremely tired and will not be in a mood to do anything productive. High chances are that such a person might have sleep problems too which is associated with depression.

People normally seek medical treatment in terms of antidepressants and psychotherapy which includes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and talk therapy. When all of the treatment options fail and the symptoms are worsening, ketamine infusions are suggested. IV ketamine therapy proved to be highly effective in treating treatment-resistant therapy.



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