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Best Pilot training institute in India | Hm Aviation provides world class Commercial Pilot License Training and Dgca CPL Classes as per DGCA curriculum.
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be up there, flying high in the sky with no limits, no restrictions? Well, if your answer is yes then pilot training is the right career option to fulfill your dream now. It is a course where you get to learn a lot of things about an aircraft. However, it doesn’t require any conventional learning or extensive studying program. The only process required for a pilot training course is - Written examination, medical tests and hands-on practical experience on flying an aircraft. Classroom training sessions ensure that you get all the knowledge regarding air regulations, aviation meteorology, air navigation , aircraft and engines . 


A pilot is the one who is responsible for the lives of passengers boarding an aircraft. Therefore, it is extremely mandatory for them to be disciplined, patient, committed, punctual and adaptable to follow a strict time schedule. 


 Required skills to become a commercial pilot:-


In order to become a commercial pilot, it is mandatory for aspirants to be mentally fit and active. Also, aspirants should have full control over emotions in the time of crisis.

He/She must be physically fit and have a perfect vision.

His/her personality should be calm, composed and full of confidence.

Aspirants should have sound technological knowledge on flying an aircraft.

A person must be attentive & stable during emergency situations.


There are numerous institutions that are offering pilot training programs. But before talking about the best pilot training academies, let's take a look at the eligibility criteria of Pilot training in India.

To become a professional pilot, you need to have a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). For that, you must fulfill the following eligibility norms:


Eligibility Criteria For Pilot Training

Step 1:

In order to be a commercial pilot in India, aspirants must have a Student Pilot License (SPL). To obtain the SPL aspirants should have passed Intermediate with science as a compulsory stream.

Age Limit: Aspirants should be of minimum 16 years of age to register for flying which is recognized by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. Of India.

For Registration: Aspirants should submit a genuine medical certificate along with bank guarantee and security clearance.

Entrance Examination: To get SPL, the administration organizes an oral examination in the following subjects: Air Navigation, Air Regulation & Aviation Meteorology.


Step 2:

After getting SPL, an aspirant has to appear for the Private Pilot Training (PPL) process. One should complete 40 hours of flying before one can apply for Private Pilot license . Out of these 40 hours, 20 hours  are allotted for solo flights , out of this 10 hours of solo flying has to be completed within last 6 months from the date of application . 

Age Limit: The candidate must be of 17 years of age. 

Educational Qualification Required: 10+2 and Medical Requirement - Need to pass Dgca Class 2 medical . 



Best Pilot training Academies

There are several academies in India offering courses in Pilot training. But which one to choose sounds a little difficult. To ease your search, we have churned out a few good flying academies of India where you can begin your pilot training career.


1. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy, Rae Bareilli

2. CAE Oxford, Gondia, Madhyapradesh

3.Chimes Aviation academy, Dhana, Sagar, Madhyapradesh

4.Carver Aviation Academy, Baramati, Maharashtra

5.GATI- Govt. Aviation training Institute, Bhuvaneswar, Orissa

6.Orient Flight School, Pondicherry (Puducherry 

Still many students pick Flying Schools overseas over Indian flight schools as standard of training is slightly better , time taken to complete the training is less when compared to India , weather for flight training is very good specially in Florida and California in USA . Moreover aircraft to student and Instructor to student ratio is better .


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HM Aviation is one of the most Reputed Aviation Institute which offers High Quality Commercial Pilot Training ,Dgca CPL Ground Classes, Type Rating. We have Trained over 1000 Pilots till date.

Hm Aviation

Hm Aviation provides world class Commercial Pilot License Training and Dgca CPL Classes as per DGCA curriculum . We have trained Over 1000 Pilots and most of them are working with Top Airlines. ht..

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