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AMETEK FPP is one of the original and trusted providers of High Purity Products. Request a Quote!

What is a high purity product?

If you are looking for a product that is less brittle than glass, have better corrosive resistance property and superior in terms of purity, then that would be High Purity Product for sure. This product is manufactured using groundbreaking technology, making it the most durable of all. An essential for semiconductor production, these are also used in electronic chemicals, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid production and storage. Because of its ultrahigh anti-contamination characteristics, this has been used in pharmaceutical plants most successfully.

Why use AMETEK High Purity Products?

Due to the special molecular structure, it reduces chemical leachables and extractables and also prevents contamination. Besides, this is non-reactive with any sort common chemicals. Even under high temperature, it maintains its mechanical integrity, which is why this has been widely used in pharmaceutical utilizations. Because of its high chemical resistance property, this has been used for fluid transformation in aerospace manufacturing. This successfully meets SEMI F-57 standard, therefore, consider perfect for chemical distribution and ultra-pure water system. With outer FEP and inner PFA featuring, made it absolutely secure for caustic fluid transformation.

This is best for electrical insulation due to its unmatched dielectric properties.  Even though when heat shrinks over the wires, it stays non-reactive because of superior chemical resistance property. From moderate to high, this can withstand any level of temperature, making it best used in motor slot liners. From gas and oil exploration to automotive, applications of this have been found in many industries.  

Because of its unique molecular structure, as mentioned before, metallic and ionic contamination preventive properties, this has been used widely in semiconductor manufacturing units. High level of purity and the lowest metallic contamination are essential for the application of semiconductor clean room. Ultra high purity products, on the other hand, can offer a long service life even while in clean room ambience and stay non-reactive with any chemical you name it.  

Why choose High Purity products from Ametek FPP?

In order to maintain the balance between the demand and supply, AMETEK, being the manufacturer of best-in-class Ultra-high purity products, has been continually upgrading their skills while investing on the innovative technology. This has ensured top-rated products with no compromise on the quality. They have taken futuristic approach by introducing up to the minute laser etching manufacturing facilities. This particular method has made it possible for the clients to accurately pinpoint the products used for any particular application. At AMETEK, they have state-of-the-art production facility that includes but not limited to pre-processing equipment and post-processing equipment. This is prevalent to maintain quality products. In order to meet the specific requirements of the various clients, a wide range of fluoropolymer resins of different grades are being used. Available in standard size of up to 2 Inch diameter, Ultra high purity products can also be customized as per the clients’ requirements. To prevent any damage, the products are devolved with spooling and personalized packaging.            

For better heat transfer, here at AMETEK, they use honeycomb construction and this also help in enhance the surface area, as well. The unique design also ensures reduced contamination while preventing any failure resulted because of thermal cycling.   

Final Verdict for you

Considering all the above facts, this will be wise to choose high purity products that are manufactured using top-rated materials in ultramodern manufacturing units by highly skilled engineers. In any harsh environments, it remains non-reactive, as explained earlier. This can be used in all the industries where prevention of leachables and extractables is of prime importance. Go get your products today have peace of mind, for good.  

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AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products ( ametekfpp)


Ametek FPP is the leading Manufacturer of Fluoropolymer Tubing and pipe. It is Designed for both ultrahigh purity and highly corrosive applications...

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