Third-Party Fulfillment Services’ Adoption for Magento eCommerce

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Warehousing, Shipping, and Order fulfillment are three crucial aspects of eCommerce industry.
Careful handling of these three largely determines the success of your online business irrespective of your business nature.

What is a third-party fulfillment service?

Many businesses start with their own storing, packaging, and sending their products on own due to several benefits included like cost-effectiveness and flexible operational mode.

However, such kind of order fulfillment can only be beneficial at initial stages of startup and shall no longer serve you in longer term when faced with great web traffic.

A third-party fulfillment service involves external sources that can warehouse, package, and ship products on your behalf. Such a fulfillment model is generally in use when you are looking for cutting down on time between order placed and delivery to consumer.

Today’s consumers are more demanding and prefer to receive ordered goods in not more than 24 hours or so. Therefore, opting for a third-party fulfillment service provider doesn’t only help you save time but also allows you to cut down on the hassles involved in doing things on your own.

In context with your Magento eCommerce, you can easily choose its powerful extensions or hire Magento 2 developers to develop tailored solutions for order fulfilling via third parties. 

Having to mention, some of the core benefits involved in third-party fulfillment services are inclusive of the following:-

> Increased geographical span

The third-party fulfillment service provider can be located at any place of the world irrespective of your head office. So, choosing for different locations all across your niche locations can help you serve better and you can get easy access to more audience with less time spent for shipments to deliver your customers’ location or any location nearby.

For instance, if you are located in the UK and tend to capture Indian or Chinese market, surely you can not pay off heavy duties on shipment and waste many days for the same to reach customers. In such a scenario, opting for third-party fulfillment services help you to achieve the goal profitably.

Some of the retailers often overlook such shipping model and get derelict from most important benefits of warehousing and shipping orders. However, being a wise professional, you should always keep your options open and be flexible in nature.

> Reduced operational expenses

Replacing a warehouse to a third-party service provider can help you to reduce operational expenses. For instance, you can achieve the following:-

- Reducing the cost involved in the lease of storage unit or warehouse
- Reduction in labor costs & order fulfillment taxes
- Lessen costs of packing material
- Faster packing and shipping
- Cutting down on shipping costs

This way you can definitely save a lot of money and time that can be easily invested in other areas of your business and could definitely lead to growth.

Till now, we must have realized that opting for third-party fulfillment services shall definitely help our online business grow. However, it is always not possible for every retailer to use third-party services nor does it make sense to everyone due to different business preferences.

So, there are always other options available for order fulfillment such as completing the orders on your own, outsourcing orders, mixed approach to order fulfillment and drop shipping. For a more detailed overview of these options in regards to your business needs, you can always take assistance from experts.

At last, I hope that you found this article relatable and helpful in context with your professional endeavors. Thanks for reading through this.

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I am Akashdeep Sharma, a <a href="">Magento developer</a> by profession with an experience of over 5+ years. Currently, I am a full-time Magento developer associated with a leading IT company in India. 

Akashdeep Sharma

I am a web developer who holds 5+ years of experience in eCommerce and PHP web development projects. I have a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce web development. ..

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