How to do Garmin Nuvi update for free

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This article deals with easy steps to update your Garmin Nuvi.
When it comes to going to a location, you have no idea of, you need something to guide you. GPS technology devices had been playing an efficient role in this situation. It provides the routes with the help of a map. Thus, further provides you the directions to reach your destination. Many companies produce such kinds of products. One of them is Garmin. 

Update literal meaning is to make something up-to-date. This means to make all the features available in the device, viable in the current time. 

Are updates available for free?

Many items that you used, update without any cost. There is a reason behind this. Now, you don't pay the money limited to the product that you are using. You also pay for the service provided with the product. The adding of the additional items required time-to-time also comes under these. Thus, service helps in enhancing the customer experience. The user doesn't have to purchase the product again and again. He/She can work with one, for years. Thus, if you only buy the product, it will provide <a href="">Garmin Nuvi update for free</a>.

Important Things to remember before the update

While adding up-to-date data to your device, certain things are important. These will help in getting this process smoothly done. One of them is a good internet connection. The update needs to add a lot of things that are on the internet.
You will need a device to access this internet connection that would collect the items. This can be your computer or laptop of any operating system.
You will also need something to connect your device with the computer/laptop. Certain cables will be optimum. This should have a side connecting your device. The other side must connect the computer.
Also, make the battery within the device, charge up to its full potential.

The Process

The procedure of adding items from the internet is not that complicated. We have a lot of information below. This will make your Garmin Nuvi update for free. But the procedure is time-consuming. So, make sure that you are not in a hurry while doing it.
Step 1: Open the given link:
Step 2: On the top of the website, you will find an option called 'Automotive'. Select it.
Step 3: Here there are two options. The first option in the blue will lead you to download an application. The second option will contain instructions if the first option is working. Select the first option.
Step 4: There are two options here. The option will contain the operating system of the computer/laptop. Selecting it will start the downloading process of the application.
Step 5: Install the application within your device. The procedure of installation will be according to your operating system. You will have to open the link from the downloads section. Further, they will ask you to do as instructed on the screen, for the program to get in.
Step 6: Finally, press 'Launch Garmin'. The program will be available for use.
Step 7: Once the program is available, you will have to use the cable, to connect. If the connection of your device is properly done, it will be available on the screen.
Step 8: The application will automatically connect to the device. If it doesn't do so, connect manually. For this, select the option 'Add the Device'. There may be some additional instructions you might follow. It will be available, once you select it. This will finally lead to updating of your device.
Step 9: Select the option for updating. It will further provide some instructions on the screen. Do so, and the process will begin. It will take some time to complete. Some additional time will be also required for adding everything to your device.
Step 10: Once the above process gets done, the program's work is over. You can close it. Also, remove the connection cable.
Step 11: Forgetting everything the is added, you might need to close and again start the device.

Additional Application

Some users also recommend another additional application It is said that this app helps in making the process of Garmin Nuvi update for free, easily. One of them is the communicator plug. You can get this program for your Computer/Laptop. You can do these steps given below, to do so.

Step 1: The computer/ laptop has an application dedicated to browsing. Open the application.
Step 2: Check the operating system and the version you are using. Within the search bar, type 'Garmin communicator plugin'. With it, type th

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How to update Garmin Nuvi for free.

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