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Carpets Rugs Home Decor. We have a variety of Local Imported Rugs Which Include Balochi Rugs, Afghani Kilims, Afghani Rugs, Silk Rugs, Cotton Rugs, Plush Rugs, Shaggy Rugs. SHOP ALL RUGS!

What is Gaba? is a company formed in 2001 with the purpose of providing the best handknotted carpets in Pakistan including Kazak khorjin rugs to their customers and also uplift the deprived sections of the society providing them with labor with dignity. basically acts as a bridge connecting the hidden artisans to the customers all over the globe. The main focus of the company is on handmade products from rural areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Gaba is a firm bringing an amazing aesthetic and vibe to every home with its luxury rugs, carpets, baskets, and various other home accessories. Beautify every inch of your home with Gaba’s amazing products. handles a bunch of retail outlets within Pakistan. They dish out imported rugs from turkey and China, floor mats and all types of household products along with handmade items. The product line has a wide range of variety of self-production and also out-sourcing to weavers in Pakistan. The brand covers 10 major cities and is operating successfully with major stores and its self-run outlets.


Handmade Oriental carpets & handmade Turkish rugs are a trademark product of third world countries. Rug weaving has a long heritage in the sub-continent. Right from the traditional Persian Rugs to the modern contemporary designs, the rugs for sale are a piece of art in themselves. Gaba stocks various traditional rugs such as Balochi rugs, Afghani kilims, Irani Rugs, cowhide patchwork rugs, and silk picture rugs. Similarly, Gaba also offers various house accessories to give your home a more authentic feel, such as hand-painted wooden trays, woollen hand-stitched tea cozies, leather tissue boxes, neck pillow, dust bins and table mats and runners. The imported side also covers the Turkish rugs in a more modern and contemporary style, floor mats, and bath sets. 


Gaba offers a wide range of premium rugs, each with its own unique look and made with that essential and classic feel. They are sure to bring you wonderfully designed pieces for your home. Each carpet design and category are traditionally significant and have a rich cultural history behind them. Accessorize your house with Gaba’s stunning collections and products. Their prayer mats Khorjin and Afghan Zeigler rugs are beautiful and have that regal and luxurious feel. Each Kazak Khorjin rug has that stunning traditional design that will keep you captivated for hours on end. Their Handmade Turkish and Persian rugs are the best ones available in Pakistan. The Hand-knotted and premium Iranian rugs that Gaba offers are essential for bringing together the aesthetic of any home and putting the finishing touches on your living rooms. They also offer soft and beautiful faux fur rugs to bring your home together.


Gaba always puts quality first and foremost in all of their products, from their Kazak Khorjin rugs to their handmade Persian and Iranian rugs. They always set a high standard for all of their products and offer the best Iranian rugs and fur rugs in Pakistan. So, buy from Gaba to get amazingly luxurious and high-quality rugs with a classic touch for your home. Get their handmade Turkish rugs online today!

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Gaba Offers Rugs And Carpets Online in Pakistan

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