Magento Store Locator- A Custom Approach to Increase Web Traffic

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This writing is all about emphasizing on the prowess of a store locator in your Magento eCommerce trade while making a user friendly move.

Many studies in the past have revealed the fact that a huge percentage of consumers today are increasingly researching products/services to purchase online. As per a report, it accounts for 88% in terms of US consumers who prefer to research online before purchasing in-store.

This data strongly indicates that whether consumers make a purchase online or offline, they tend to conduct research online. As a result, many online vendors and multi-store physical storefronts have started to expand their online presence.

Some of the most commonly searched-for aspects are- store directions, customer reviews for the products/services offered, in-store pickup information, any sale going on or coupon/promotional offer etc. All information related to these areas can be provided to users via store locators.

What are store locators?

‘Store Locators’ are setting up a new standard in eCommerce industry by bringing organic search traffic for your online offerings while contributing to SEO advantage in your favor.

Some of the most common searched-for areas are: contact info, offered services/products, any kind of sale or promotional offers/discounts, in-store pickup of products etc. And, all the information regarding aforesaid data can be provided to your users via store locators or location finders.

The businesses who hold a multi-store set up are also amongst the needy of a proper store locator to enhance the user traffic while increasing conversions.

Considering such industry needs, many online vendors are adopting flexible and interactive store locator approaches to serve the users. A custom Magento Development  approach to these location finders’ integration is also an often followed trend amongst those.

Core Benefits of Putting Store or Location Finders in Context with Magento Store

Below, let’s have a glimpse on some of the major benefits of putting location finders:

- Accelerate customer research process while increasing the chance of purchase,

- Enhance the brand’s visibility online and website ranks higher for ‘direct searches’,

- Engaging users while generating leads through contact forms, booking requests etc.,

- Time and cost-effective,

- Entertain clients’ queries 24x7 even when you are on a vacation or physical store is closed,

- Helps in valuable data collection along with a powerful integration of website analytic tools like SemRush or Google Analytics.

It was all about possible advantages linked with store locator implementation. However, there always remains a scope of optimizing the results with a custom approach to web development.

Adding to this, you can easily devise default features of Magento 2.x CMS while exploiting its library and coding standards.

Having to mention, a few of the popular and highly appreciated (both Free and Premium) Magento store locator extensions are inclusive of the following:-

- Store Locator by Mageplaza ($199), based on Google Maps & GPS, provides you with automatic suggestions while typing a few words,

- Google Maps Store Locator by FME, Free of Cost, for your Magento 2 powered store is one of the most popular extension to leverage the power of Google Maps while integrating appropriate modules with your website.

Apart from going for a premade store locator extension, you can choose to have a custom built in an association with experts or Magento development agency.

What can you explore with a ‘custom store locator extension built’ for both single and multi-store setup?

Some of the compelling reasons to choose a custom built approach for Magento store locator are as follows:

  • Search simple location of store via geolocating the store,

  • Choosing to display a well-optimized and feature-rich website page (also available in multiple store environment),

  • Displaying social media feed for your Magento store with a seamless integration (Instagram, Facebook etc.),

  • Customer review integrations,

  • To integrate a subscription form along with a responsive design,

  • Also, you can centralize your multiple stores’ data into a single platform while eliminating data duplication.

While summarizing this article, I would like to state that if you are owning a website or multiple websites for business purposes, you should always consider opting for a powerful store locator as it will not only help users to find you but also help you to grow tremendously.

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