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Cali is the third-biggest city in Colombia, and keeping in mind that it may get a terrible notoriety for wrongdoing, it's really an energetic, fun city where you ought to most likely remain generally protected on the off chance that you realise where to go. There's not much in the method for vacation destinations, however there's bounty to do, see, and involvement in the method for culture, nourishment, neighbourhoods, and nightlife.

You can remain dynamic and get going in a few distinctive ways, from salsa moving in the city where it was conceived, to climbing up to the best perspectives around the local area, to visiting the Río Pance in the close-by national park.

We should investigate the best activities in Cali:

Go Salsa Dancing

Cali is the origination of salsa, so while you're here it's essentially compulsory that you either figure out how to move or go out or make things up along the way. You'll hear the playful music everywhere throughout the city and there are a lot of spots to take salsa moving exercises, similar to El Manicero, Son de Luz, and Swing Latino.

Platillos Voladores

Cali's best top notch food experience, Platillos Voladores offers an intriguing and shifted menu of delightfully exhibited gourmet dishes that highlight a magnificent transaction of Asian, European and Afro-Colombian impacts and generally neighbourhood fixings.


In the event that you just visit one salsa bar in Cali, ensure it's Zaperoco. Here the veteran DJ turns salsa con golpe (salsa with punch) from old vinyl while modern fans attempt futile to keep the spot cool. Some place under the mass of moving appendages there is a move floor – however we've never worked out precisely where it is.


We could state that the gourmet expert's innovativeness puts the 'wau' in 'Waunana,' however even better, we'll notice the bold and regularly terrific pairings of nearby fixings (the seabass ceviche with tropical natural product emerges), faultless introduction, superb mixed drinks and the first turn on Colombian food. Settle on the four-course tasting menu (that can suit veggie lovers) and plan to be astounded.


You'll have to design well progress of time to see Cali's incredible salsa carnival however it's definitely justified even despite the exertion. Think road carnival meets conspicuous move club and you'll have some thought of what's in store from this hazardous festival of caleña culture that happens twice month to month in a major best on the Cali– Yumbo parkway. Affirmation is limited to grown-ups.

Iglesia de la Merced

Established in 1545, this is Cali's most established church. It's a flawless whitewashed structure in the Spanish-pioneer style, with a long, tight nave, and humble wood and stucco development. Inside, an intensely overlaid ornate high special raised area is bested by the Virgen de las Mercedes, the supporter holy person of the city.

El Rincón de Heberth<"

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