Customer Retention- An Effective Approach for Growing Shopify Store Online

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Customer Retention’ is a corking approach while aiming to be consistent and growing in your online commerce.

Amongst many successful eCommerce strategies (to grow online and combat the various challenges of this industry), ‘Customer Retention’ is the most favored as well as ignored one.

In this article, I shall be driving your focus towards the actual meaning of retaining customers; appropriate significance of customer retention in your Shopify store’s growth; different ways to achieve an appropriate level of customer retention in your website.

So, what is customer retention?

‘Customer Retention’ refers to the strategy of performing various activities that can engage and encourage your existing customers to make the repetitive purchase from you. That in turns definitely helps you to increase the overall profitability of your online brand.

At the same time, this strategy involves both aspects of online selling i.e. providing and extracting value from an existing customer base. This is how you build and grow your customer relationship while maximizing revenues for each other.

In short, you are simply making ensure that your customers feel special and valued, and continue to make purchases from you while encouraging others as well. This strategy is not “phase bound” i.e. you can implement it at any time of your online trade.

You can simply be ‘just started’, ‘established’ or ‘well-established’ and look for appropriate Shopify integration services to implement customer retention.

Core Benefits Involved

Having to mention, some of the core benefits that you can derive from ‘customer retention’ strategy involve the following:-

- Increased customer loyalty,

- Help you combat competition,

- Cost cutting in marketing & advertising your brand,

- Raise your revenue.

Different Strategies to Ensure Customer Retention

  • Strengthen your Customer Support

Customer support is a perfect way to treat your consumers correctly. It allows you to communicate with them as well as providing them with an appropriate level of assistance while feeling lost.

Both pre- and post-sales customer experiences fall under its umbrella. Choosing to implement a Live Chat or other help desk tools (Phone etc.) available on your Shopify store can allow you to turn a mere visitor into a lifetime customer. On the other hand, the same can help you to resolve their complaints or other service related concerns.

Very often an upset customer if handled properly and provided with a proper resolution can turn into a loyal customer.

  • Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs usually addressed as the fundamental customer retention strategies where you push to increase customers’ purchase frequency. These tricks involve one or other kind of valuable rewards linked with every purchase a consumer makes.

This manner of customer retention program becomes fruitful and luring for both ends as users will get a reward for making a purchase and you will get repeat customers.

Some of the common examples of loyalty programs practiced by many online retailers are cashback on any purchase or redeemable reward points on every purchase or some welcome points etc.

  • Engaging customer via Transactional Emails

Email marketing has always remained the backbone of making your customers feel relaxed and informed about your brand’ move.

It works as both customer retention and engagement toolkit for you. During every transactional email like welcome email or order related email, there lies an opportunity for you to build a relationship with consumers rather simply conveying about their purchase.

You can choose to send some promotional messages along or discount coupons on their next purchase or link to any other referral program that you are running.

At last, I would like to say that no matter what customer retention strategy you choose to implement but make sure you do and put some time and efforts to retain the existing ones. Undoubtedly, engaging new users is crucial for your business success but treating and valuing the existing ones also help you to grow efficiently.

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